Product Review 2016

September 2017

High-feed face mill speeds up productivity

Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new high-feed version of the CoroMill® 745 face milling cutter, featuring a 25° entering angle for additional productivity gains when milling steel and cast iron workpieces. The new high-feed version facilitates even higher metal removal rates (MRR) in applications with depths of cut up to 2.8mm.

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SigmaTEK Systems releases SigmaNEST X1.3 and SigmaTUBE X1

SigmaTEK Systems has released the latest version of their software, SigmaNEST X1.3. The new release offers new features and significant improvements, which is part of SigmaTEK’s on-going commitment to delivering elegant software through continuous innovation.

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New Flow Mach 500 waterjet cutting system

Flow has released its Mach 500, an entirely new waterjet system marking the arrival of a new industry standard, the company says. The Mach 500 combines the latest in machine architecture and waterjet cutting technology with comprehensive service and support programmes.

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Manufacturing of precision parts in three steps – Takumi

At the EMO Hannover 2017, Hurco will be showcasing its powerful CNC machining centers and high-speed portal machines from the Takumi H-series brand. The centers are equipped with the Win-Max conversational control system, with optional DXF. The control system software simplifies programming and reportedly achieves the setup for producing precision parts in just three steps.

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Universal five-sided machining of large-volume moulds – Kao Ming

The KMC SR-H series features a vertical spindle as well as an automatically interchangeable 90°-angle milling head. Various milling heads are available for expanding the possible applications, for example an extended vertical milling head for deep dipping into the workpiece or the 30° milling head for die and mold construction.

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Solutions for the intelligent machine – Buffalo Machinery

Increasing demands are being made on the machine tool industry as regards digitalisation, higher reliability and failure prevention. The company has set itself the goal of manufacturing intelligent machines with high quality and cutting-edge technology that fully meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

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Longer tap life, short cycle times – Tapmatic

The Synchro-Flex tap holders for synchronised tapping utilise a special flexure that provides excellent micro axial compensation. The devices are claimed to improve thread quality and tap life by 100 per cent and more. A high-pressure, high-volume internal coolant is standard for capacities M1 to M48.

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Prima Power’s Laser Next 2130

Hot stamped parts are increasingly replacing traditional metal formed parts in automotive frame design and this trend is confirmed also for the next years. These components play in fact a fundamental role in reducing vehicle weight, and consequently fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and keeping overall strength to grant 5-star safety ratings.

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Ermaksan Powerbend Pro 4-Axes CNC press brake with knee gap

Ermaksan says the Powerbend Pro 4-Axes CNC press brake is a perfect solution which gives cost and work area advantages to customers whom work with thin and small parts up to 1 270mm. Its ergonomic design by knee-gap, seater, work-desk and height adjustable CNC pendant arm provides comfortable working environment for the operator.

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Gear skiving machines with direct-drive tables handle high workpiece speeds – Liebherr

These machines are rigid and equipped with powerful spindles and direct-drive tables to handle high workpiece speeds. The drive works with an automatic control that is said to maintain optimal parameters. The machines are supplied on a turnkey basis with individual clamping fixtures for each workpiece. A ring loader is the machine’s standard workpiece changing device.

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Trumpf introduces its Highspeed and Highspeed Eco nozzles

Trumpf has introduced its Highspeed and Highspeed Eco nozzles, which are designed to boost feed rate for solid-state laser machines that employ fusion cutting with nitrogen. The newly designed nozzle boosts the feed rate by up to 100 per cent for solid-state laser machines that employ fusion cutting with nitrogen. What’s more, laser power does not need to be increased.

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HMC for complex large part machining – Kitamura

Kitamura’s new Mycenter-HX800G horizontal machining center delivers precision, accuracy and repeatability required to produce close tolerance parts from the toughest of materials, says the company. Consistent accuracies of ±0.002mm/Full Stroke and ±0.001mm repeatability are guaranteed, says the company. Net weight of the machine is 28 400 kilograms.

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Modular heads for changeable end mill system

Tungaloy Corp. has expanded its TungMeister changeable-head endmill system. The latest addition involves a new modular head line of TungForce-Rec, miniature shoulder milling cutter series. TungForce-Rec features a V-shaped insert, designed to avoid insert movement under high centrifugal force, while delivering excellent machining reliability even when used at a high metal removal rate, according to the company.

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Wire EDM series with intuitive HMIs – AgieCharmilles Cut P Series

GF Machining Solutions’ new AgieCharmilles Cut P Series of wire EDMs provides users precise positioning and contouring capabilities for high part quality and productivity. The Cut P 350/550/800/1250 machines feature efficient power generators, robust designs and intuitive human-machine interfaces (HMIs) as well as several automation options for lights-out operation.

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The KM™ system from Kennametal

Quick-change modular tooling is a clear way to increase productivity, shorten setup time, and generally improve the bottom line for job shops and large manufacturers alike. The KM™ system from Kennametal has been a top performer in this area for over three decades, and is known throughout the industry for its high clamping strength and consistent accuracy in both spindle-mounted and static tooling applications.

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OSG’s S-Tap series

OSG’s S-Tap series, made from HSSE-V3 material, is an affordable range suited for most tapping applications. A general purpose tap with a steam oxide finish the S-Tap series chip evacuation is accelerated with the patented variable lead flute. OSG has also recently increased the S-Tap series from four lines (S-SFT Metric and Metric Fine and S-POT Metric and Metric Fine) to 32 lines, which now include 6G and 7G tolerance taps, Form E taps and left hand taps.

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New ChaseHepta lowers the force to increase productivity

With the increasing popularity of small machining centers, TaeguTec has launched a new single-sided, positive seven-corner insert line that generates less cutting force. As the new offering in TaeguTec’s milling line, the ChaseHepta insert generates low cutting force, achieves smooth machining and greater economy due to its seven corner and helical cutting edges.

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The Whitney 12 kW fiber laser

When you’re in the business of laser cutting thick pieces of steel to a high degree of accuracy, it’s critical that your equipment is powerful, precise, fast and reliable while being easy to maintain and operate. The Whitney 12 kW fiber laser, is claimed by the company to be the fastest plate laser on the planet delivering superior thick plate cut quality at unbelievable cutting speeds.

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Yaskawa AccuFast II laser-based seam finder improves weld quality and reduces cycle times

AccuFast™ II, an economical laser-based seam finder for Yaskawa Motoman’s arc welding robot line, features improved sensor capabilities. The improved sensor offers increased performance by providing more reliable and repeatable feedback to the robot controller regarding part position. It also provides readings on a variety of materials and at angles of measurement that were not formerly possible.

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July 2017

Hypertherm announces new and enhanced features to its ProNest 2017 CAD/CAM nesting software

Hypertherm, manufacturer of plasma, fiber laser and waterjet cutting systems, has announced a version update to its ProNest® advanced CAD/CAM nesting software for automated cutting. ProNest 2017 v12.1 contains numerous enhancements designed to enable customers to achieve more.

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A-Tap – a product that showcases OSG’s innovation

Most tapping troubles are caused by unstable chip evacuation. The A-TAP Series resolves such troubles and applies to a wide range of work materials and cutting speeds. The A-Tap is an all-purpose tap series designed to simplify tool management and to excel in a wide variety of materials and applications.

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Okuma’s VTM-1200YB 5-axis multi-tasking turning center

Designed for large part CNC machining Okuma’s VTM-1200YB 5-axis multitasking turning center is ideally suited for large turning/milling requirements and complex parts. Its massive construction provides extreme rigidity for large part CNC machining and its high power handles large diameter workpieces with ease.

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GF Machining Solutions CUT P series of wire EDM machines

The new CUT P range will replace the company’s CUT Sp and CUT mS series of wire EDM machines and, from a price performance perspective, occupies the position between the CUT E series at one end of the spectrum, and the CUT 1000/2000/3000 series of machines at the other.

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Mitsubishi-Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd to market products under the name Moldino

Having successfully acquired a majority shareholding of Hitachi Tool Engineering Ltd and the subsequent renaming of the company as Mitsubishi-Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd the company has now announced that in future it will market its products under the name of Moldino.

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Turning insert optimised for stainless steel materials

Sandvik Coromant is introducing a dedicated turning insert optimised for stainless steel materials that offers increased productivity, longer tool life and higher machine utilisation. GC2220 will prove to be a major benefit to pump and valve manufacturers, as well as general engineering shops, particularly those serving sectors such as aerospace, automotive and oil and gas.

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B-axis turning cycle among Edgecam’s 2017 R2 updates

The latest release of the Edgecam software introduces a turning cycle that includes B-axis movements while machining on a turning center. This new feature in Edgecam 2017 R2 allows greater accessibility when machining complex profiles by dynamically positioning the insert, according to the company.

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Trumpf TruLaser 3060 fiber – new opportunities to cut on a table size of six metres

Six metres is the length of a delivery van or a large adult alligator or a sheet that the TruLaser 3060 fiber can cut. This new oversize format machine from the Trumpf 3000 series can process sheets as large as 6 x 2.5 metres. This means that users of the TruLaser 3060 fiber can acquire more orders for particularly large workpieces.

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Victor 5-axis CNC range tackles parts up to 1.2 metres

The Vcenter AX800 has a swivelling head B-axis and a 25rpm C-axis table located within the fixed table, which can be clamped to resist 3 433 Nm for heavy duty machining. The B-axis has a Hirth coupling that will rotate at increments of 1° and offers precision and repeatability. Both rotary axes have a roller-cam drive to deliver “unparalleled rigidity and stiffness”.

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Control your machines from any device and any location with SigmaNEST 365!

SigmaTEK’s latest step into the future of manufacturing – SigmaNEST 365 – moves SigmaTEK products to the cloud, making them accessible on any device, from anywhere in your shop. This also means greater storage capacity, and faster computer speeds.

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Nukon ECO fiber laser cutting machine

Ergonomic and compact, the Nukon Eco Fiber Laser delivers high quality, speed, and reliability without breaking your budget. This standard size machine accommodates sheet sizes of 3 000 by 1 500mm and is equipped with an IPG 1000W or 2000W resonators.

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Ultra-fast scanning and uncompromising detail with the Nikon ModelMaker H120

Incorporating blue laser technology, ultra-fast frame rate, specially developed Nikon optics and the ability to measure the most challenging materials this represents the next generation of portable laser scanning. The H120 makes no compromises in addressing the market needs by efficiently delivering the most detailed and accurate data in a fraction of the time of competing technologies.

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Iscar’s indexable FFQ4 high-feed milling cutters to enhance rough milling of high-temperature alloy materials

The FFQ4 is the latest addition from ISCAR for high feed, rough milling applications. “Its design incorporates a square, single sided insert with 4 cutting edges and more flank clearance than many popular high feed solutions available,” said a company spokesperson.

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Salvagnini fiber laser with an air-cooled cutting head

The L3 now comes equipped with an air-cooled cutting head with adjustable optics for cutting both thin and thick materials. Air-cooling is made possible by the addition of a Pelletier plate to the assembly, making nitrogen gas cooling unnecessary. A new collimator enables easy, fast adjustment for cutting materials of different thicknesses.

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May 2017

New Mitsubishi end mills have a ball with hard materials

When it comes to the machining of hardened steel, Mitsubishi Materials already has a reputation that places the cutting tool manufacturer as the industry benchmark. Further cementing this market position, the company has now launched its new VFR Series of ball nosed end mills.

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DMG MORI integrates grinding into its duoBlock machines

Milling, turning and grinding in a single set-up. After setting standards in technology integration with mill-turn technology for almost two decades, the machine tool manufacturer has now expanded its portfolio in this field to include a new variant with milling, turning and grinding (F-mill D-turn S-grind) capabilities.

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RhinoRush screw clamp type boring bar and ML chip breaker – TaeguTec

TaeguTec’s highly successful RhinoRush line of small and strong family of inserts and holders includes a screw clamping type boring bar. The new range of boring bars with the screw clamping function is available to suit C, T, V and W shape RhinoRush inserts.

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Yaskawa’s AccuFast II improves weld quality, reduces cycle times

AccuFast™ II, an economical laser-based seam finder for Yaskawa Motoman’s arc welding robot line, features improved sensor capabilities. The improved sensor offers increased performance by providing more reliable and repeatable feedback to the robot controller regarding part position.

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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence launches new camera-based portable CMM

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released a new camera-based portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for highly precise shop-floor measurements. The AICON MoveInspect XR8 detects geometric conditions and changes in three dimensions to deliver highly accurate measurement data.

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Oxford Instruments launches Vulcan handheld metals analyser

Oxford Instruments has launched Vulcan, the fastest metals analyser with the most advanced reporting tools on the market, the company says. Vulcan is an ergonomic, balanced handheld LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) analyser with a simple user interface.

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Okuma’s Multus B300II is a one-saddle multi-tasking CNC lathe

Okuma’s Multus B300II is a one-saddle multi-tasking CNC lathe designed to reduce setup time and machining costs. This multitasking machine offers a variety of operations to improve machining efficiency while offering reliable accuracy and power to keep non-cutting time to a minimum.

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Altair HyperWorks® 2017 released – comprehensive simulation platform for innovation

This latest release sees several functionalities added in areas such as model-based development, electromagnetism, nonlinear structural analysis, modeling and meshing, multiphysics and multi-disciplinary analysis, lightweight design and optimization.

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Solid-state disk laser designed for Industry 4.0 – Trumpf

Trumpf has introduced the latest generation of its TruDisk disk laser. The compact, energy-efficient machine offers the ability to carry out condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, a basic prerequisite for successful implementation of lasers in digitalised and connected manufacturing environments.

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Victor CNC takes milling to the next level with new P76 VMC series

Quality is assured with Victor CNC 3-axis VMC and this latest addition to the stable is the epitome of a high quality machining center. The new P76 incorporates a 30 tool ATC that can change tools in a blistering 1.6 seconds with a chip-to-chip time of 4 seconds. This speed is matched by the rapid feed rates of 48m/min in the X and Y-axes with 32m/min possible in the Z plane.

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Doosan Machine Tools Puma TW-series

Doosan Machine Tools has introduced a range of twin-spindle horizontal turning centers into the market. The Puma TW 2600 series, which includes a machine model (the Puma TW 2600-GL) with an integrated servo-driven Gantry Loader, provides manufacturers with a high-productivity and flexible machining solution that enables the simultaneous machining of two of the same, similar or different parts.

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New Feeler five-axis machining centers

Feeler is releasing two innovative new five-axis machining centers. Designed to offer a cost-effective entry into five-axis operations, the Feeler U600 vertical machining center and U800-5AX gantry-type machining center offer speed, precision and performance based on an intelligent machining platform and a host of novel innovations.

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Mastercam 2018 brings efficiency and speed

In May 2017 Mastercam will unveil the latest in the line of its machining software – Mastercam 2018. Scheduled for release in June 2017 Mastercam 2018 offers new 2D/3D milling features, design improvements, powerful turning and mill-turn enhancements, and so much more.

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Iscar to emphasise the theme ‘Machining Intelligently’ at Machine Tools Africa 2017

At the Iscar stand, which will emphasise the theme ‘Machining Intelligently’, leading-edge tools will be displayed. These tools help customers adapt to high-speed and high-feed machining, minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) and other modern machining strategies.

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Air-cooled cutting head on 6 kW fiber laser – Salvagnini

Air-cooling is made possible by the addition of a Pelletier plate to the assembly, making nitrogen gas cooling unnecessary. A new collimator enables easy, fast adjustment for cutting materials of different thicknesses. The new Salvagnini cutting head assembly simplifies laser cutting production, making solid, clean and reliable cuts, with no contaminants to obscure the lens.

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Kennametal introduces the Mill 4-11 – designed for smaller machining centers

The Mill 4-11 enjoys the same strong insert design as its larger cousin, the Mill 4-15, but is 24% shorter and 34% narrower. With an 11mm maximum cut length, this addresses the needs of those job shops and manufacturers producing smaller parts and part features while still offering high metal removal rates and excellent tool life.

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GF Machining Solutions’ FORM 20 die sinking EDM

The efficient FORM 20 die sinking EDM with optional System 3R WorkPartner 1+ robot is designed for manufacturers needing to maximise their die-sinking EDM operations while minimising their environmental footprint. When paired with the FORM 20, the WorkPartner 1+ provides automatic electrode and parts loading and unloading.

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Mazak’s VC-500A/5X vertical machining center

Now with 60-tool capacity, the new tool magazine reduces setup time, allows for redundant tooling and enables more unmanned uninterrupted operations, the company says. An accompanying automatic toolchanger (ATC) speeds tool changes and reduces non-cutting time, while tool monitoring helps detect problems early.

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Leadwell V-30IT 5-axis machining center

This versatile V-30iT features an 8.07 diameter integrated trunnion rotary table that holds a load of up to 35 kgs from 0-45 degrees and 25 kgs in the 60-90 degree range. The rotary tabletop surface is precision ground with 10mm T-slots. The included standard flat worktable measures 300 x 450mm and can be removed for any custom fixture required by the application.

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Widia’s new disc-style carbide-tipped reamer offers modular flexibility and top of the line performance

Widia’s Top Ream platform covers the majority of hole finishing needs, with diameters up to 42mm and a range of edge preps and geometries available. The three keys to hole quality are diametral accuracy, form and position, and surface finish. Boring tools are the undisputed king in all of these areas

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March 2017

Greater damping with the latest Sandvik Coromant Silent Tools™ milling adaptors

The latest Silent Tools™ milling adaptors from cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant are designed to offer improved damping characteristics. These advanced adaptors have been developed in direct response to the need for greater metal removal rates and reduced vibration wherever long, slender milling tools are deployed.

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Cost-efficient and flexible robotic solution for the machine tool industry

When it comes to the automated feeding of machine tools, the choice of the right robot set-up and manipulator is a key element in the planning process. However, finding the right software structure is just as important as the hardware when planning the control concept.

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Victor Vturn-NP16 turning center is robust but compact

The robust Vturn-NP16 turning centre boasts a compact footprint of just 1 488mm in length by 1 956mm wide, and has a height of 1 775mm, so even the most compact machine shop can now benefit from the productivity, rigidity, precision and longevity of a Victor CNC machine tool.

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Kennametal’s KBDM face-mills suit automotive aluminium

It employs a fine-pitch aluminium body with wedge-style clamps and adjustable pockets. A variety of PCD inserts is available, from mini-tips for light finishing cuts to full-face wipers, standard cartridge inserts and 12.7mm axial cutters for heavy roughing and shoulder cutting.

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New bending features for higher productivity – Amada

As well as the demand for increased precision, bending accuracy and the integrity of the metal surfaces, this procedure requires plenty of physical effort and, until now, frequent manual intervention. These various tasks have an extensive impact on operator safety and speed of execution and they end up impacting the productivity and profitability of a business.

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In machine CNC marking tools – Tapmatic TapWriter

Tapmatic has introduced an exciting new product. The TapWriter allows you to mark your workpiece while you are machining it, without the need for a secondary marking operation. Part numbers, serial numbers, date codes, and even logos, can easily be created with this unique dot-marking tool.

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LK Machinery drill/tap machines

Along with the 3.7kW motor (5.5kW option), the TC 510 provides milling along with the drill tap feature. The front-mounted, above the spindle ATC is .5 seconds. “This is the fastest way to change tools,” said a company spokesperson. A double arm ATC (the TC 510D) is an option with 21 tools. Standard spindle (DDS spindle) speed is 12 000rpm with options.

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Fast and flexible – Widia’s modular end mills remove more metal in less time than comparable cutting tool systems

With a 60-year history of carbide cutting tool experience, Hanita’s VariMill technology brings exciting advancements to Widia’s replaceable tip system, including a range of helix and cutting geometries, an asymmetrical flute design, and wear-resistant AlTiN coatings for productive use in titanium and nickel-based super alloys.

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Hypertherm introduces new class of plasma with launch of XPR300 for X-Definition cutting on mild steel, stainless and aluminium

Hypertherm, manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, has announced its most significant advance in mechanised plasma cutting ever with the introduction of an entirely new class of plasma called X-Definition. This new plasma is available for the first time in a 300 amp plasma system called the XPR300.

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Simplicity is key for Hurco

Simplicity of operation is key for Hurco for its proprietary Max 5 control for all types of machining operations. The CNC system, which runs the latest WinMax software, is intended for graphical, menu-based, conversational programming but is equally capable of handling NC code.

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Okuma’s versatile MA-600HII is ideal for heavy duty cutting and high production machining

Okuma’s MA-600HII incorporates powerful, high torque spindle options designed for high volume material removal rates. It’s available with a HSK-A100 20K spindle that boasts 50/55kW power for everything from heavy-duty cutting to fine precision work on aluminium alloys, cast irons and difficult to machine materials.

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Kasto vertical semi-automatic band sawing machine

The Kasto vertical semi-automatic band sawing machine manufactured by the metal sawing specialist Kasto is an excellent solution for companies that focus on toolmaking, steel processing and special machining tasks. Its ability to make longitudinal cuts allows one to saw square or flat materials with different cross sections from small rolled blocks or rolled plates.

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New T-Burst holder for Swiss turning applications – TaeguTec

The T-Burst holder for Swiss turning applications, as with the current T-Burst holder, applies high-pressure coolant from dual holes directly between the metal chip and the insert’s rake face; a feature that optimises control, extends tool life as well as increases productivity through higher cutting speeds and feed rates.

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Tungaloy’s new positive wipers improve your feed rate and surface quality in ID turning

Surface finish quality is directly influenced by feed rate and insert nose radius: the higher the feed rate, the rougher the surface generated by the edge of a given nose radius. In a conventional tactic, the feed rate is decreased to get a better surface quality.

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Gleason gear inspection machine has multiple types of sensors

Gleason has introduced the 300GMSL multi-sensor inspection machine, providing the capabilities of four instruments on one platform. Designed for manufacturers of automotive, aircraft and other like-sized gears, the machine offers a single, compact, reliable and easy-to operate inspection solution.

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Bystronic’s fast bending tool changing – a compact automation solution that extends the scope of the Xpert press brake

Sheet metal products are changing rapidly: a greater variety of shapes, increasing demands in terms of quality, smaller batch sizes, and shorter product life cycles. This has an effect on sheet metal processing. In the past, jobs with 1,000 or more parts were usual. Today, small quantities are in demand.

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The Studer S11 with extended functionality

This will particularly please users of the new S11 – the smallest production cylindrical grinding machine in the Studer Portfolio: Now they can profit from the diverse advantages of the Studer standard grinding cycles and the grinding software for offline programming StuderGRIND.

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January 2017

Get connected with Trumpf and the new machines

Among a host of new machine launches at Euroblech 2016, Trumpf also showcased innovative solutions on the way to Industry 4.0 in the field of sheet metal processing with TruConnect. The concept for networked production links machines, people and information via the new data output interface Central Link.

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Smaller inserts for Iscar’s popular MillShred range

Following the very successful introduction of the Iscar MillShred P290-18 milling cutters that carry 18mm inserts, prompted by customer demand, Iscar has expanded the popular line by introducing new tools that carry smaller 12mm inserts. The tools feature coolant holes directed effectively to the cutting zone, whilst Hard Touch coating provides smooth chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear.

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Mastercam 2017 for Solidworks

Mastercam 2017 for Solidworks is a CAM application that is fully integrated into Solidworks. Users can programme parts directly in Solidworks using Mastercam’s industry-leading toolpaths and machining strategies. In addition to all the improvements to Mastercam Mill and Lathe, Mastercam 2017 for Solidworks features the Analyze Toolpath and improved Tplanes.

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Bystronic 10 kilowatt laser accelerates the cutting process

What is faster than 4, 6, and 8 kilowatts? For those who want to be at the forefront of fiber laser cutting, Bystronic now equips the ByStar Fiber fiber laser system with a 10 kilowatt laser. This primarily provides users with one benefit: speed, speed, and even more speed. And suppliers that are fast lead the race for the best conditions for cutting jobs.

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TaeguTec’s five-cutting edge insert lines – ChaseMold RTMX and RTHX

ChaseMold’s RTMX and RTHX inserts including the line’s optimal cutter design were born through rigorous trial and error as well as performance testing in order to attain excellent performance in stainless steel, difficult-to-cut materials and turbine blade machining under severe machining conditions and in unstable fixtures.

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Okuma launches new generation of machine tools

The manufacturer’s trade innovations included state-of-the-art 5-axis vertical machining centres and a new type of intelligent multitasking machine. Among the highlights was the introduction of the world’s first multitasking machines capable of milling, turning, and grinding as well as laser-hardening and 3D metal printing.

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GC1130 insert grade now available for use with groove milling tools

Cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant has made its high performance steel milling grade, GC1130, available for use with CoroMill® QD and CoroMill 331 groove milling cutters. GC1130, which is the latest Zertivo™ grade from Sandvik Coromant, delivers high metal removal rates and secure performance levels in both wet and dry machining operations.

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Dual machining zones improve lathe accuracy

Tongtai’s newest MT series lathes were developed for improving cycle times and turning processes for the automotive industry where small parts are typically made within 60 seconds. After many years of working together on customising machines and turnkey projects with automotive customers worldwide, Tongtai developed the MT series for precision turning…

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A revolution in weld quality management

Robotic arc welding has reached a very high level of productivity and quality in various industries including two of the most demanding which are the car industry and fabrication of heavy mining equipment. This high performance has been reached in part through the use of 3D laser weld seam tracking and geometry measurement in fully automated welding cells.

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Neuenkamp roll shear knives

Neuenkamp is a specialised blade and knife manufacturer of high precision tooling for strip slitting, side trimming and cut-to-length-lines. Neuenkamp have been manufacturing high precision longitudinal, slitting and side trimming tools for over 90 years on the same site in Remscheid, Germany. Today, Neuenkamp is a leading manufacturer in the field worldwide.

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Mitsubishi Materials applications for tools used in the manufacture of medical equipment

The difficult-to-cut and uniquely shaped parts found in medical equipment are a challenge to machine efficiently. Improving machining efficiency and product life requires total applications, from CAD/CAM programmes through to the final cutting tools.

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Salvagnini: smart solutions to make a smart factory

Salvagnini, known for its ability to read the signs of the market well in advance, interpret them and cater to developing needs with original, tangible solutions, presented a range of machines and solutions ready to tackle the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution Industry 4.0, once again demonstrating its innovative spirit and its key role in the development of sheet metal machine tools.

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WIDIA’s new disc-style carbide-tipped reamer offers modular flexibility and is resistant to vibration

Widia’s disc-style, carbide tipped reamer, Top Ream, offers diameters as high as 42mm and a range of edge preps and geometries. This reamer uses a single carbide disc and brazed joint, providing a strong connection that is virtually immune to thermal effects during machining operations, the company says.

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The entire production process with Amada machines and latest processing technologies

Productivity is the key to the competitiveness for every company. Production technologies are the source for innovation, differentiation, ensuring the clients’ loyalty and facilitating the capacity to acquire new clients for the customers. Amada not only creates machines but also answers specific needs by delivering “tailor-made” solutions.

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Lindoflamm from Afrox for optimal heating applications

At the heart of each heating installation is the Lindoflamm burner with shapes and capacities that can be modified to the customers’ application and are matched with the right fuel gas mixture. The special burners can be customised to create the perfect fit for every heating application. The heating solutions can be semi- and fully automated and are tailored to customer’s requirements.

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Automation can really be so simple – DMG MORI’s Robo2Go with the Celos® App

The implementation of an automated process chain from the web shop to the finished workpiece is the core of the integrated turning cell, a new loading and unloading system from DMG MORI. Designed for mobile use on up to four turning centers, Robo2Go is controlled via a special Celos® App in which only a few entries are needed and a particular knowledge of robots is not required.

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Latest machining tool shows its metal – Kennametal’s Mill 16 face mill

Helping to tackle the toughest cast iron applications, the Kennametal’s Mill 16 comes with a wedge-style lamping system, numbered pockets and inserts and an open pocket design to increase chip flow in heavy roughing. Mill 16 is a face mill developed not only for CGI, but for all types of cast iron and is a popular choice for gear boxes, housings, pump bodies, and other components used in the automotive, agricultural, and heavy equipment sectors.

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Ekamant’s coated abrasives for sanding, polishing and cutting

A global company firmly rooted in Sweden, products can be found in all types of industry from large manufacturing plants to small shops, from China to the US. The main production plant and head offices are located in the small town of Markaryd, in the southern Swedish province of Småland, where Ekamant was founded in 1928.

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Introducing DrillForce-Meister, a head-changeable drill series – Tungaloy

DrillForce-Meister’s clamping system uses a unique error-proof asymmetric seat and a screw setting, which allows easy and swift head replacement by simply loosening and tightening the screw. Since a new drill head can be mounted without removing the drill body from the spindle, a full re-setting and re-indexing process is eliminated, shortening entire tool change time.

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Helicheck 3D boosts tool digitising – United Grinding

With a revolutionary new method, tools can be scanned and digitised very quickly and easily. With the 3D Tool Analyser software specifically developed for this application, horizontal, vertical and freely selectable cutting planes at any position can be laid on the 3D model. These are then automatically analysed and the corresponding parameters are available for the user.

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November 2016


The new Gasparini X-Press Easy press brake

The new Gasparini X-Press Easy press brake is available in three configurations namely 80 tons/2 m, 115 tons/3 m and 165 tons/3 m. The frame of the machine is dimensioned using FEA, while the valve blocks, main pump and proportional valves are Bosch-Rexroth, and the optical linear encoders are Heidenhain (1μm resolution).

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Iscar expands its Penta-IQ-Grip parting and grooving range

Following the successful introduction of the cost effective Penta-IQ-Grip 5 cornered D40 inserts, new users quickly appreciated the inserts’ performance, extended tool life and the resulting levels of profitability. Prompted by global demand, Iscar has now expanded its Penta-IQ-Grip line with the inclusion of 22 and 32mm diameters. Both inserts are 2mm wide and are ideal for parting up to 22 and 32mm bar diameters.

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Hypertherm introduces the new Powermax45 XP, successor to the best-selling Powermax of all time

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser and waterjet cutting systems has announced the release of the new Powermax45 XP, the successor to the Powermax45®. Delivering 6.5 kilowatts of output power, 70 per cent more than many competitive systems, the new system is extra powerful, allowing it to cleanly cut material up to 16mm in thickness, and sever material nearly twice that thickness.

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Okuma’s new V920EX vertical lathe features compact footprint

This innovative 2-axis CNC vertical lathe is ideal for machining a wide range of large, odd-shaped parts for the aerospace and construction industries. Okuma’s new V920EX one-saddle, vertical lathe features a powerful turning spindle and a larger work envelope making it ideal for cutting a wide variety of large, heavy parts such as steel pump valve casings and pipe flanges.

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Vero rolls out new high speed all-format 3D Viewer – PartXplore

Vero Software is rolling out a new high speed 3D viewer which directly displays and evaluates 3D CAD files without the need for the original CAD application. PartXplore can open the native files of Edgecam, VISI and WorkNC, with further brands in the Vero portfolio expected to follow suit in 2016 R2. PartXplore has been created to efficiently import and analyse all file types and sizes at high speed.

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DMG MORI replaces its entry-level EcoTurn and EcoMill machines with CLX and CMX ranges

End of the line for Ecoline. From 1 September 2016 DMG Mori replaced its entry-level EcoTurn and EcoMill machine tools with new models that were launched at the AMB show in Stuttgart, Germany in September. The new ranges are CLX for lathes, CMX V for basic vertical milling machines and CMX U for basic universal milling machines.

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Victor VT P20 has improved slant bed and turret

Victor CNC has introduced its latest-generation Vturn P20 turning center range. Here, the company has not only enhanced the structure with an improved slant bed and turret design, but upgraded the rapid feed rates. The result for the end user is an extremely high-powered spindle that is built upon a remarkably rigid construction.

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CoroPlus™ brings connectivity to manufacturing plants

Cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant has unveiled its CoroPlus™ suite of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) solutions aimed at helping manufacturers prepare for Industry 4.0. The concept is designed specifically to improve the control of productivity and costs through a combination of connected machining and access to manufacturing data and expert knowledge.

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Eliminate difficult tube bender programming – Ercolina

Ercolina® have launched their new Super Bender® Plus rotary draw tube and pipe bender that is ideal for producing consistent quality bends in pipe, tube, squares, solids and other profiles. The newly improved easy-to-read control on the Super Bender Plus displays machine position and all current functions on one screen for greater convenience.

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Space-saving, multi-tasking Kitamura HMC reduces cycle times

The ultra-compact Mycenter-HX250iG HMC, manufactured in Japan, with ultra-high speed rapids of 60 mpm, offers high efficiency with the ability to drill, mill, bore, tap, thread and turn light to heavy duty materials on a single machine. Meehanite cast construction provides superior vibration absorption capabilities for improved surface quality, elevating finish capabilities to a higher level.

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3D print head adapter for CNC machines

Owners of vertical machining centers from Hurco will have the ability to transform their WinMax part programmes into a 3D printed rapid prototype directly on their CNC machine by using an optional spindle-powered wireless accessory that Hurco has unveiled. The 3D Print Head extrudes plastic PLA filament.

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Widia introduces new indexable milling grade for titanium and other superalloys

Widia, a leading manufacturer of cutting tools and part of the Kennametal group, has introduced its WS40PM indexable milling grade for processing titanium and other superalloys. WS40PM’s cobalt-rich substrate is said to provide robust fatigue resistance and edge integrity, while the multiphase AlTiN-TiN PVD coating reduces tool wear.

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Nikon introduces large-scale non-contact measurement systems

Two new systems for large-scale, automated, non-contact measurement have been introduced by Nikon Metrology. Called Laser Radar MV331 and MV351, the units easily perform repetitive procedures and complex inspection tasks while reducing labour requirements with a host of new features and enhancements.

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New addition to Tungaloy TungThread: M-class threading inserts with chipbreaker

Tungaloy Corporation has introduced a new addition of the M-class threading inserts with chipbreaker to the popular TungThread line. The new additions include external ISO-metric threads with pitches 3.5 and 4.0mm, external/internal round DIN405, and external/internal partial V-profile 60° threads with pitches from 3.5 through 5.0mm (7 to 5 TPI).

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Speed Workflow with the newly released Vericut 8.0

Vericut 8.0 features several enhancements designed to increase the ability of manufacturing engineers to analyse, optimise, and document the CNC programming and machining process. Intelligence gathered from both the cut part and the machining process is applied to achieve an even higher level of accuracy and efficiency.

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TaeguTec’s DrillRush doubles margin on 8 to 19.5mm diameter ranges

The highly popular line opens the door to high surface roughness and high precision drilling applications and expands TaeguTec‘s reach into the drilling market while also extending the application range of the successful DrillRush line by improving upon the steel drilling (ISO P material) process.

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Doosan turning center features wide support structure for X, Z axes

Doosan Machine Tools America presents the Lynx 2100 series of turning centers, based on the Lynx 220 series, including an M version capable of single-setup milling operations. The machine is designed for machining valves, shafts, gears, flanges, housings, bolts and other metal parts with a maximum turning diameter of 350mm and maximum workpiece length of 550mm.

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Grippex automatic bar puller for CNC lathes

There are multiple ways to automate a CNC lathe. If your goal is to gain lengthy stretches of unattended operation, then a bar feeder is hard to beat. Conversely, a bar puller is a cost-effective alternative for automated turning of small or medium batch sizes. That’s because a puller can free up sufficient time between bar changes to enable a single operator to tend multiple…

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Dual machining zones improve lathe accuracy – Tongtai MT series

The Tongtai MT series of lathes was developed to improve cycle times and turning processes for the automotive industry and is suitable for precision turning, high-production volume, automatic production and insertion into mass-production lines. The machines feature twin spindles and two individual machining areas with separate bed structure to limit transfer of harmonic vibration, improving machining accuracy and surface finish.

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Kennametal’s Mill 4-11 offers the free cutting action of a single-sided insert at the low cost per edge of a double-sided

Kennametal’s successful line of Mill 4 indexable milling cutters gains an important new member. Staying positive with a unique insert geometry and extremely accurate pocket positioning, the Mill 4-11 offers the free cutting action of a single-sided insert at the low cost per edge of a double-sided.

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The next generation Haas CNC

Haas Automation’s Next Generation Control (NGC) is the latest evolution of a user-friendly CNC. It reportedly features a significantly improved user interface, more consistent and intuitive navigation and vastly improved connectivity. The result of years of development to design the best control hardware and software in the industry, the NGC packs even more innovation into a CNC.

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Deep hole drilling, gun drilling and honing services offered – Micron Technologies

Lengths, depths, and diameters are huge factors when it comes to drilling. For the best finish possible free of burrs and chips Micron Technologies have in-house capabilities and factory trained technicians to hone or gun drill production batches on your behalf.

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Yaskawa Motoman MH12 robot performs for a wide range of applications

The MH12 six-axis robot performs in assembly, dispensing, material handling, machine tending and packaging applications. It features a curved upper arm that enhances its reach and allows a wider range of applications. This patented double yoke design also offers additional strength if the robot crashes due to a programming error.

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September 2016


Yaskawa: Robot-based spot welding system with two 7-axis units

Yaskawa has developed a compact and flexible system for high-speed robot-based spot welding. The modular solution comprises a cell with positioner and two-spot welding robots, particularly lightweight spot welding guns, a nut welding machine and a full range of accessories.

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Hypertherm to unveil new products and technologies, organising impressive demonstrations and more at EuroBLECH 2016

Hypertherm, manufacturer of plasma, laser and waterjet cutting systems, is pleased to announce its participation at the upcoming EuroBLECH 2016 exhibition in Hannover, Germany. The company will introduce a new generation cutting system in its Powermax® line of light industrial plasma cutters.

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Feeds and speeds with Tungaloy’s TunGforce

Tungaloy continues to expand its product offerings with the recent global launch of the TunGforce line, the largest product launch in its 87-year history. This line of tools introduces new grades and geometries for turning, milling, part-off/grooving and holemaking.

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DMG Mori reveals glimpse of the future

Traditionally DMG Mori showcases a cross-section of the most innovative technologies when the AMB show in Stuttgart, Germany opens its doors to trade visitors from around the world. With around 30 exhibits from the fields of turning, milling and advanced technologies on an exhibition area of over 2 000m², the machine tool producer will have an impressive presence at the event which runs from September 13th to 19th this year.

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TaeguTec’s Chase2Mill small 6mm double-sided insert takes pressure off high ramping

TaeguTec’s compact four corners double-sided insert, the Chase2Mill 4NKT 6mm insert for end mills, face mills and modular cutters, can be used for multiple applications. The 90 degree entering angle insert, despite the double sided design, is suitable for high ramp down angle applications. Its high positive geometry generates low cutting force while the cross edge insert geometry prevents unexpected insert failure.

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Sturdy measuring table with easy handling – Diatest System COME

This is a versatile flexible measurement solution for all your ODs & IDs, including gear measurements. The new measuring table Diatest System COME is suitable for conducting internal and external measurements of diameters as well as gear gauges. Users can apparently measure not only bores but also internal and external recesses and conical components.

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Quaser MK 603 SE twin-pallet vertical machining center

The twin-pallet machining trunnions have a 300kg load capacity (per side) and offer a pallet change time of 8sec; reducing the APC speed allows a pallet load of 500kg for larger workpieces. The work envelope is 1 020mm x 610mm x 610mm, each pallet measures 1,050 x 550mm, and the maximum workpiece height that can be accommodated is 350mm. A fourth-axis table can be specified.

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Mitsubishi Materials’ FMAX high feed milling cutter

Machining of cast aluminium components such as oil pumps, which require an exacting surface finish due to metal to metal sealing face when the oil pump body and cover are assembled, demands precision tools. In the case of the oil pump, this was made possible by using Mitsubishi’s new FMAX six-tooth fine pitched milling cutter, developed specially for this particular application.

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Tongtai’s new Ultrasonic iVU-5 assisted machining center

Tongtai’s brand new iVU-5 is a rotary-type ultrasonic- assisted machining center that operates as a dual function vertical machining center combined with rotary ultrasonic-assisted machining of advanced materials. Typical applications for this system include microhole drilling and machining of glass, sapphire, silicon carbide, quartz, ceramic, hardened steel, high nickel alloys, and non-ferrous materials.

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Tungsten carbide burrs from ATA Group

At a glance, burrs may seem simple and easy to manufacture, but in fact the procedure is actually very complex and intricate. Everything is specified, checked and tested, from the RA value of the shaft to the exact degree of the chamfur before braising. Burr “blanks” are manufactured in thousands of different shapes and sizes and are cut with varying helix angles, depending on the application.

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InspecVision Opti-Scan system – perfect for measuring stamped or pressed parts and sheet metal that is not completely flat

Most manufacturers are familiar with contact CMMs, and their lack of speed and the time and skill it takes to programme the machines. However, they are only now becoming familiar with the limitations of other noncontact 3D scanning systems such as laser scanners or white light measuring scanners.

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Iscar expands the ChamIQdrill family

Prompted by global customer demand Iscar has expanded its popular ChamIQdrill line with the addition of products in the drilling range of 33 to 40mm with 1.5 to 8 length to diameter ratios. HFP-IQ drilling heads are now available in the drilling range of 33 to 40mm diameters in 0.5mm increments. A unique self-centering geometry enables the HFP-IQ drills to be used at up to 5xD long overhang without the need for a pilot hole operation.

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Hexagon upgrades HP-S-X1 scanning sensors; accepts longer horizontal styli

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released enhanced versions of its HP-S-X1 series of probes for tactile scanning. As well as featuring a newly developed bearing system for better joint repeatability, the HP-S-X1 range probes now accept longer horizontal styli for improved flexibility with no need to change modules.

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Leadwell TM-1500 multi-tasking box-way lathe

The TM-1500 is equipped with a B-axis that allows the bevel angle drilling and cutting to be done easily. The special electro spindle, which reaches 12 000rpm and torque of 103Nm, ensures the machine’s excellent performance in both first mill and end mill machining. The Y-axis is designed as a perpendicular type that matches the moving column machine structure; hence the Y-axis can move fully without block and dead space for travel.

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Kaltenbach expands KF series plate processing centers

Kaltenbach has added to its line-up of KF processing centers for steel plate. The KF1614, KF2614 and KF3114 are now introduced with plate width capacities of 1.6, 2.6 and 3.1 metres, respectively, combined with a six metre length capacity as standard. The machines offer oxy- and plasma-fuel cutting capability and a single machining head with 14 tools for drilling, tapping, countersinking, marking and milling operations.

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Hurco introduces double column bridge-type machine

Hurco will unveil the BX40i double-column (bridge-type) CNC machine at IMTS 2016. The stability of the double-column design and the overall weight of the machine provide exceptional accuracy and outstanding surface finish capabilities. While designed specifically for the mould market and aerospace industry, the BX40i meets the needs of any high speed machining application that requires tighter tolerances.

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PG multi-axis laser workcell

Multiaxis laser workcell quickly processes even highly reflective materials. IPG Photonics’ multi-axis laser workcell is a highly cost-efficient tool for cutting, drilling and welding a wide range of metal components, enclosures and fabrications. Configurable with IPG’s high-efficiency CQ lasers or high peak power QCW lasers, the multi-axis workcell provides fast processing of even highly reflective materials.

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Modular tooling helps shops standardise

The inherent modularity of three Sandvik Coromant tooling product families – Coromant Capto®, Coromant EH and CoroTurn® SL – can prove highly advantageous to manufacturers looking to tool up a single machine or an entire plant. In contrast to purchasing separate tools for each machine, component and feature, modular tooling solutions allow machine shops to build optimised tooling assemblies to suit all applications using just a small inventory of standard items.

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New generation vertical machining centers from Doosan

Doosan Machine Tools has evolved its popular and field-proven “DNM” series of vertical machining centers with a step up in the speed of the machines with faster spindle acceleration and deceleration rates. Other new developments are rigid roller guideways and a new grease-based lubrication system that requires a refill only every three to six months rather than every few days with oil, which cuts down on a customer’s time, expenses and also improves the factory environment.

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Prima Power Laserdyne introduces new dual workstation multi-axis laser processing system Laserdyne 606D

Prima Power Laserdyne has announced the introduction of the new Dual Workstation Laserdyne 606D multi-axis laser processing system. This new innovative system features two completely independent 3D laser processing work stations in a single structure.

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Okuma’s new Genos M560-VA features a larger work envelope to machine an assortment of parts

A high column design, CAT 40 spindle and intelligent technologies enhance this CNC machine’s ability to cut a variety of exotic metals. The new Okuma Genos M560-VA-HC vertical machining center, combines a high column design and CAT 40 Big-Plus® spindle to cut large, complex parts. The larger work envelope minimises restrictions on workpieces, tool lengths and the rotary table.

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GF Machining Solutions’ highly accurate wire-cutting EDM machines take micro machining to the extreme

A new degree of precision to achieve accuracies on machine positioning and pitch is now possible with GF Machining Solutions’ hallmark AgieCharmilles CUT 1000 X, CUT 1000 X OilTech, CUT 2000 X, CUT 2000 X OilTech and CUT 3000 X machines. To support their precision, adapted mechanical structures for high accuracy, high standard thermal stability and dedicated machine calibration and testing are mandatory.

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Eliminate difficult tube bender programming – Ercolina

The large colour-coded touch screen on the Ercolina Super Bender Plus rotary draw tube and pipe bender eliminates difficult programming and indicates bend angle, springback and actual bend position in real time. Looking for an efficient, easy to use rotary draw tube and pipe bender? Ercolina’s new Super Bender Plus rotary draw tube and pipe bender is ideal for producing consistent quality bends in pipe, tube, squares, solids and other profiles.

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Forming technology networking increases process reliability

Many operators have already wished that their system could tell them exactly what the problem is. In the age of the Industrial Internet, machines that communicate are no longer something to aspire to in the future. Schuler’s Smart Press Shop concept demonstrates how networking in forming technology can increase both process reliability and cost-effectiveness, the company says.

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Feeler introduces HV-1100V vertical machining center

Feeler has introduced the Feeler HV-1100V, a high performance vertical machining center that features a rigid design and many innovative features to provide exceptional accuracy and machining efficiency. The newest of the Feeler HV line, the HV-1100V features a dedicated trunnion, 4+1 axis configuration and a 350mm rotary table. The trunnion is solidly built by Autocam with roller cam technology, and offers a 406mm by 356mm work envelope.

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July 2016


GF Machining Solutions ‘E’ class wire EDM range

GF Machining Solutions, the EDM, milling and laser ablation machine tool specialist and automation systems solutions provider has introduced a new range of compact wire EDM machines into the market, the CUT E 350. The CUT E 350 machines can handle relatively large workpieces (820mm x 680mm x 220mm) weighing up to 400kg – and features, such as the machines’ drop down doors, enable easy access to the work area and trouble-free loading/unloading of parts.

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Mastercam 2017 released for public testing worldwide

“Shops all over the world, from small job shops to Fortune 100, get a chance to test Mastercam 2017 before it is released, and provide valuable feedback that helps shape the final product,” the company announced. “Participants in the Public Beta get an early look at the new streamlined workflow and optimised interface that Mastercam 2017 delivers, along with dozens of powerful new tools for simple to complex jobs.”

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Tongtai’s iTD-2000YBC new CNC turning centre

Tongtai’s iTD-2000YBC is an advanced, high precision CNC turning centre cast from Meehanite iron. This machine features a rigid, ergonomic, and super accurate 75° bed design for excellent chip flow and operator accessibility. The 75° bed also simplifies the programming of the optional Y-axis as the Y- axis is perpendicular to the X-axis like a vertical machining center. High rapid-traverse rates using 45mm roller type linear ways are also achieved to reduce non-cutting time.

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Hypertherm announces ProNest 2017, a major version upgrade to its CAD/CAM nesting software

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, has announced a major version upgrade to its ProNest® advanced CAD/CAM nesting software for automated cutting. ProNest® 2017 contains a number of improvements designed to make customers more efficient and profitable.

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Hurco’s 5-axis machining centre VCX600i

The new Hurco VCX600i vertical-spindle, 5-axis machining centre, a travelling-column model, has a 600mm diameter rotary table mounted on a swivelling trunnion, a configuration popular amongst users as it allows components to be machined on five sides in a single set-up. An octagonal support for the table means that clamps can be positioned clear of the surface, ensuring that the full area is available to accommodate workpieces weighing up to 350 kilograms.

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New Pratt Burnerd Gripsafe gripmeter makes health and safety a thing of the past

Pratt Burnerd International, a division of 600 UK, has launched their new chuck force measurement Gripsafe gripmeter. The Gripsafe accurately measures and records chuck gripping forces within seconds. This new, innovative product, suitable for use on all makes of chuck, has been developed to help customers comply with health and safety legislation, allowing them to ensure that their chucks remain fit for purpose.

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Edgecam 2016 R2 delivers a number of new features

The 2016 R2 version of Edgecam CAM software for milling, turning and wire EDM is said to offer time savings when loading solid model part files. During trials, files loaded around 20 times faster, chiefly because less time is taken opening files due to ‘tessellation.’ This sees Edgecam break the model down into triangles, which are then stored in such a way that they can be read back faster than before.

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High-performance circular saw with outstanding automation potential – Kasto

With its KASTOspeed range of products, the sawing specialist KASTO has just such a solution in its portfolio: The high-performance automatic circular saws have been specially designed for economic series production and excel thanks to their reliability and excellent results, even during continuous operations. By means of the KASTOsort robot interface they can easily be integrated in a controlled, end-to-end material flow.

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All-new Haas bar feeder

When Haas Automation introduced the Servo Bar 300 bar feeder in 1999, it was instantly popular, because it was compact, easy to use, and affordable. In 2015, Haas engineers went back to the drawing board to make bar feeder operations easier, more efficient, and faster. The result is the all-new Haas bar feeder that provides a simpler and more affordable way to automate part production on Haas turning centers.

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Highly reliable Sandvik Coromant GC1130 overcomes challenging machining conditions

Machine shops faced with identifying ways of achieving secure machining with long and predictable insert life in steel milling operations can turn to GC1130, an insert made with the Zertivo™, a unique production technology from Sandvik Coromant. GC1130 helps to overcome challenging machining conditions with a clean and intact edge, delivering high metal removal rates and performance levels in both wet and dry machining operations.

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600 UK puts a new slant on single-hit turning with flatbed c-axis Alpha XC lathe

Making its debut at MACH 2016 was the New Harrison Alpha XC combination CNC lathe, now incorporating driven tooling and full c-axis interpolation. This feature, a significant addition to the unique, simple to operate, CNC Alpha lathe now allows operators to carry out secondary operations at the machine in one set up. The Harrison Alpha XC is a new model that is based on the globally recognised Harrison Alpha XS lathe.

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Siemens releases Solid Edge ST9 for CAD

The latest release of Siemens’ Solid Edge software (Solid Edge ST9) for mainstream CAD provides flexible and easy access to the full capabilities of Solid Edge with cloud-based licensing, user preferences, and collaboration tools. In addition, the new built-in data management capabilities, with zero IT support requirements, enable users to easily index their CAD models, while the new migration tools enable rapid conversion of legacy design data from virtually any CAD system.

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Panel bending redefined – Trumpf

With a bending length of three metres, the TruBend Center 5030 is a thin-sheet processing specialist. Operators insert the workpiece material against the backgauge and the two-axis part manipulator performs all additional material handling required for bending steps along that edge; the bending tool moves to form each bend. The machine operator then turns the sheet and the process begins again.

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Control software eases laser drilling of shaped holes – Prima Power

Prima Power Laserdyne’s ShapeSoft, a feature of the SP94P control for its multi-axis fiber laser systems, simplifies the creation of programmes for producing cone, oblique cone, fan, racetrack and a variety of shaped holes in a range of turbine engine components such as blades, nozzle guide vanes, and combustors for airplane engine and industrial gas turbine applications.

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New products from ATA Garryson and Bulldog Abrasives

ATA Garryson have announced the latest addition to their comprehensive range of pneumatic air tools – the SPT series oil free pencil grinder. The SPT100R Pencil Grinder has been designed to include an innovative propulsion motor operating at 100 000rpm, perfectly suited to 3mm miniature tungsten carbide burs. This allows for higher peripheral bur speeds resulting in improved control, greater precision and a superior finish.

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Jet Edge’s gantry system supports 12 waterjet cutting heads for high throughput

Jet Edge’s high-rail-gantry waterjet motion system is designed for use in high-production industrial waterjet shops that require performance, precision and accuracy. This waterjet system supports as many as 12 cutting heads for maximum throughput, enabling shops to process jobs faster and take in more work. It is available in sizes ranging from 1 200 x 1 200mm to 7 300 x 4 200mm.

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Yaskawa and Clearpath partner to develop mobile manipulation system

Yaskawa and Clearpath have partnered to develop a mobile machine tending and material movement system suitable for shop floor environments. This fully integrated system features a Motoman® MH12 robot equipped with an end-of-arm tool (EOAT) and vision system, mounted on Clearpath’s OTTO 1500 self-driving vehicle. The project is currently under development and supported under the advanced research division of Clearpath.

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Widia’s VariMill III ER solid-carbide end mill VariMill solid-carbide end mills are available through Novo

With a new seven-flute, eccentric relief (ER) design, the newest addition to the Widia VariMill family, the VariMill III ER solid-carbide end mill, is engineered for higher metal removal, longer tool life, and improved surface finishes in demanding workpiece materials such as titaniums and stainless steels.

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DMG MORI Ultrasonic 20 linear 2nd generation milling machine

The second generation of the Ultrasonic 20 linear, developed in collaboration with Sauer, DMG MORI said this new machine expands the use of ultrasonic assistance to applications with a defined cutting edge, such as the milling and drilling of nickel or titanium-based superalloys and more. It is ideal for the optical, clock/watch, medical and high-precision mold sectors.

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Iscar Trideep gundrills and deep drilling heads carrying inserts with three edges

Iscar has introduced innovative new gundrills and deep drilling heads, in the 16 to 28mm diameter range and in 10, 15 and 25 drilling length to diameter ratios that carry three cutting edged TOGT indexable inserts with chip splitters. The TOGT inserts feature a positive rake chipbreaker and a wiper to ensure high hole surface quality and high feed. The new inserts, made from IC90, a versatile PVD coated grade, are available in five sizes.

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Akira Seiki Performa SR3 XP vertical machining centre

The Akira Seiki Performa SR3 XP vertical machining centre has extra spindle speed, 12 kW, and quicker rapids. The XP comes standard with through spindle coolant, SD card reader, a wash down system and chip auger. The 20-station arm type BT40 tool changer is impressive and over the small area the XYZ rapids of 36/36/40 m/min are amazing. If you tweak a few standard parameters the rigid tapping is lightning fast.

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Leadwell BC-600 machining centre with B axis and built in rotary table – 5 axis at its best!

New to the Leadwell range, this machine is equipped with all the necessary options to deliver precision, high speed 5-axis machining. The machine comes as standard with linear scales and offers a full B axis and an integrated C axis table, providing complete flexibility.

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May 2016


PolyWorks® 2016 delivers a universal 3D metrology workflow

Connect to a non-contact or a contact-based portable metrology device, or to a CNC CMM controller from Hexagon, Mitutoyo, Nikon, Pantec, Wenzel, and I++ servers to play the measurement sequence. InnovMetric Software Inc., a leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions, has launched PolyWorks® 2016, the latest release of the company’s universal 3D metrology software platform.

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Victor CNC introduces new 5-axis machining centre

As a machine tool builder with a reputation for uncompromising build quality and longevity, Victor CNC has now extended its impressive line of machine tools with the introduction of the new VCentre-AX800 vertical machining centre. Taking flexibility to a new level, the new AX800 incorporates a swivelling head B-axis and a C-axis rotary table to fully facilitate 5-axis machining of large parts up to 1m diameter.

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Mastercam X9 for SolidWorks

Mastercam X9 for SolidWorks is a CAM application that is fully integrated into Dassault Systèmes’ SolidWorks. The latest release features dynamic motion technology improvements, 3D milling enhancements, multiaxis improvements, and much more. And, Mastercam for SolidWorks lathe, mill, or multiaxis is included with your purchase of the comparable standalone Mastercam X9 product.

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Haas expands its line of drill/tap/mill centres

Haas Automation’s small-footprint DT-1 Drill/Tap Centre and DM-1 Drill/Mill Centre are well known for their speed, accuracy, and ability to increase throughput while optimising floor space. Haas has now expanded its successful Drill/Tap/Mill product line with a pair of high-speed, lean-style machining centres – the DT-2 and DM-2 – that provide the same high acceleration rates, fast axis speeds, and short tool change times as their smaller brethren.

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Laser welding for sheet metal parts – Trumpf

With reduced investment costs and a small footprint, the new TruLaser Robot 5020 Basic Edition, made by Trumpf, paves the way to automated welding using the laser. The new TruLaser Robot 5020 Basic Edition, built by Trumpf, is especially tailored to those making their debut in laser welding for sheet metal. It is less expensive than its big sister TruLaser Robot 5020 and it requires less floor space.

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Cost-effective shoulder milling cutter for higher productivity – Tungaloy’s DoForce-Tri

Shoulder milling has become one of the most popular forms of milling, amounting to more than 30% of all milling operations worldwide, says Tungaloy. Shoulder milling has always been the most popular style for not only milling a shoulder or a wall but also milling close to a jig or a fixture to avoid interference.

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Release of HyperWorks 14.0 and solidThinking Inspire 2016 by Altair

Altair has officially launched HyperWorks 14.0. According to the company, this release has new products, updates, licensing methods to help users get to the right design, save time and access the latest technologies. OptiStruct now includes more nonlinear analyses, new contact and optimisation algorithms and improvements in solution speed.

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Hypertherm introduces new gouging shield for Powermax air plasma systems

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, is now offering a new gouging shield for people wanting even greater control when gouging with Powermax® air plasma systems. This new Max Control Gouging shield is designed for jobs in which the operator needs to remove a very precise amount of metal.

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Hurco VCX600i vertical-spindle, 5-axis machining centre

The travelling-column Hurco VCX600i vertical-spindle, 5-axis machining centre has a 600mm diameter rotary table mounted on a swivelling trunnion, a configuration popular amongst users as it allows components to be machined on five sides in a single set-up. An octagonal support for the table means that clamps can be positioned clear of the surface.

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Yaskawa unveils ArcWorld C-30 work-cell for the job shop market

Featuring a single station with a welding table suitable for customised part fixtures in a compact footprint, the ArcWorld C-30 work-cell from Yaskawa is designed as an affordable solution for the welding of small- to medium-sized parts typical to many job shops applications.

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You Ji YV-600E2T vertical turning centre machines large parts with 100-hp spindle

The You Ji YV-600E2T VTC has a maximum swing is 850mm and the maximum turning diameter is 750. This compact, high-precision machine can operate as a stand-alone machining cell or can be integrated with other machines to form a complete, flexible manufacturing system.

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Iscar ‘in-the-groove’ with a parting gift for efficient machining

Iscar’s progressive policy of unceasing product enhancement is reflected in the recently launched additions to Iscar’s comprehensive Grip range of parting and grooving tools, and now provides one of the most comprehensive range of products for all parting and grooving situations. Included in the range is an extensive choice of insert geometries, chip breakers and carbide grades.

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Nikon Altera CMM series

Nikon Metrology has developed the Altera range of bridge co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for shop-floor metrology. Altera CMMs are available in three probing configurations: the Essential series, the Optimum series and the Ultimate series. Each configuration offers a different level of functionality to suit a variety of metrology applications.

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Tongtai five-axis machining centre provides torsion-resistant column

The new CT-350 five-axis vertical machining centre from Tongtai features state-of-the-art performance in a small footprint. The CT-350 boasts high-end machine construction and performance at an affordable price. The structure of the CT-350 is a “C” frame-type machine and was designed around high level mould-type machining centres to ensure rigidity during cutting.

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Renishaw launches FixtureBuilder 3D-modelling software to create fixturing set-ups, and assist with documentation and off-line programming

Renishaw launched FixtureBuilder at Control 2016 which took place in Stuttgart, Germany from 26th to 29th April. FixtureBuilder is a 3D-modelling software package designed to allow the off-line creation and documentation of fixturing set-ups.

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Holemaking and drilling options from TaeguTec

One of the industry’s favorite choices when it comes to drilling into everything from alloy steel to stainless steel is DrillRush says TaeguTec – a versatile indexable drill that is constantly being expanded to provide dependable, optimal hole drilling performances on any material.

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Laser welding with Alpha Laser

Today’s small precision welding shops specialising in mould, die and tooling repair have a wide range of new technologies available to enhance their ability to provide the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and service to their clients. One of the fastest growing technologies is the use of laser welding.

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The all-new BLM Lasertube LT8: 3D fiber laser cutting

The possibility of 3D cutting utilising a fiber laser source followed a path that included the development of a new “Tube Cutter” focusing head, designed at Adige especially for the 3D cutting of tube. The new LT8 goes beyond this goal by offering other important news regarding the size of the workable tubes, the achievable performance and the usability of the system.

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The S121 from Studer

The S121 from Studer, a brand of United Grinding, is a universal internal/external cylindrical grinding machine for medium-sized workpieces, particularly chuck components and drive elements, in individual and small-batch production. Equipped with the technology of its sister machines—the S131, S141 and S151—this series model has been limited to the essential equipment.

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March 2016


Tungaloy AH905, PVD-coated inserts – Innovative solution for turning high-temperature alloys

Market trends have shown an increasing popularity of high-temperature alloys in many industries, particularly aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, and even automotive sectors. When machining high-temperature alloys, cutting tools tend to break down quickly, shortening tool life.

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World première: DMG MORI DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th Generation with 30 per cent higher precision, power and efficiency

On an exhibition area of 7400m², the machine tool manufacturer showcased in total 90 high-tech exhibits live in operation, including the DMG MORI best-sellers, six world premières featuring turn-mill complete machining, universal milling, XXL parts machining and other new technologies.

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Flow waterjet systems – Mach 4

Their 4th generation system. The Mach 4 offers a variety of features unique in the waterjet industry including an expandable modular design, up to 14m in length, allowing customers to increase the size of the cutting area as their business grows. The system’s exclusive roller pinion system provides fast, accurate cutting with zero backlash.

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Global service App from Gleason

Gleason Corp. has unveiled its new Global Service App, providing customers around the world with a direct interface to the Gleason Global Services network. This innovative service may be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store (Apple iOS) or GooglePlay (Android). It is also available on the Gleason website.

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Rhodius cutting and grinding discs

Their family run business has developed and produced professional tools in cutting, grinding, milling and polishing for over 60 years. It is with this dedication that they continue to pursue their goal of making exceptional products even better. Their focus is on providing the customer total satisfaction after they have solved all of the challenges that have been placed on them.

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The Heidenhain TNC 640 in your process chain – Digital order handling enters the machine shop

Every company is different, of course, and has its own philosophy of organising workflows. The basic links and steps of a process chain, however, can be compared. The design, programming, simulation, production planning and production stages must be seamlessly connected, and communication and data transfer have to be possible in all directions for digital order handling.

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Tapping into the market with TaeguTec T-Tap

TaeguTec has unveiled its new high-speed steel line of taps that provides universal metal cutting solutions on a variety of materials. The new line offers two different flute geometries for both through and blind-hole applications. The HSSE-cobalt T-Tap new line expands TaeguTec’s threading range beyond milling and turning applications with carbide tools to high speed steel.

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Smart bending – Bystronic’s Xact Smart 160 press brake

Bystronic has introduced the Xact Smart 160 press brake that is easy to set up and programme. It combines high bend accuracy with advanced features in an affordable, high-value package that enables a fast entry into bending technology. This press brake also incorporates the powerful ByVision Bending control system on several models with capacities between 100 tons and 225 tons and up to four axes on the back gauge.

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Haas expands its line of drill/tap/mill centers

Haas has now expanded its successful Drill/Tap/Mill product line with a pair of high-speed, lean-style machining centers – the DT-2 and DM-2 – that provide the same high acceleration rates, fast axis speeds, and short tool change times as their smaller brethren, while offering an additional 203mm of X-axis travel and table length – with only a slight increase in footprint.

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Megafab Piranha hydraulic ironworkers

Features such as urethane stripping, automatic shear hold-downs, quick change tooling, low blade rake angles, and six standard work stations, coupled with its ergonomic design and clear lines of sight to all tools, including shear blades, are some of the features that Megafab Piranha hydraulic ironworkers boast about.

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Tool life tripled with Mapal’s new cutting material

Tools with ISO elements (inserts) are first choice when it comes to the boring of cast materials. As the need for high cutting speeds and better cooling technologies rises, the demands on the tools and cutting edges increase, too. Very good friction and wear behaviour and high hot hardness of the coating are therefore elementary.

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Cut price and costs with Afrox plasma technologies

Easy to use and set up, and low running costs are the hallmarks of Afrox’s extensive range of automated plasma cutting equipment. “We strive to implement turnkey profiling solutions that match the longer-term cutting needs of fabricators,” says Afrox Applications Development Manager, Heating & Cutting, Hennie Van Rhyn.

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New Sandvik Coromant CoroMill® 390 with size 07 inserts introduced

Available immediately, Sandvik Coromant offers a new end mill for small diameters. The CoroMill® 390 with size 07 inserts is a versatile cutter that is ideal for shoulder milling, deep shoulder milling, edging, linear and helical ramping, plunge milling, slot milling and face milling.

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Hartford’s new intelligent five-axis machining solutions

With a gantry-type structure and integrated swivel rotary table, Hartford’s new and compact Intelligent 5A-650 machining centre sets new standards in the cost-effective, five-axis production of a wide range of even the most complex parts – courtesy of modular design principles that allow users to select varying spindle head and tool magazine options.

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Newly-released Romer Absolute Arm

Global metrology and manufacturing technology company Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has unveiled a new top-of-the-range addition to the Romer Absolute Arm portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) range. Intended to provide absolute accuracy in high-end 3D measurement applications, the new 77 Series arm offers around 20% better scanning accuracy and 15% better touch-probe measurement accuracy than the existing 75 Series of Romer Absolute Arm.

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Top Cut 4 indexable holemaking platform from Widia – One high-performance tool series for many applications

Affordable high-quality holemaking and improved tool life equates to big advantages for operators. The new Top Cut 4 indexable drilling platform from Widia is targeted to end users that machine a broad assortment of products, and need one drill for a variety of drilling applications and workpiece materials.

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Okuma ServoNavi boosts accuracy and cycle times

Okuma has introduced their high-precision application ServoNavi as part of their line of Intelligent Technology features. Available on almost all of the manufacturer’s machining centres, lathes and multitasking machines, the application is able to increase surface quality, reduce production time and to undo the effects of wear and tear in older machines.

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Prima Power’s Laser Genius 2D features linear drives

Thanks to that, power options up to 6kW can now be exploited to the full potential of the high brilliance laser source which, requiring no laser gases and with its highly reliable, full solid-state fibre laser technology, delivers low operating costs in line with Prima Power’s Green Means philosophy for sustainable manufacturing.

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Iscar’s economical and accurate threading operations

The global metalworking industry is constantly searching for ways to further upgrade its automated production processes. All machining disciplines are included in this quest for ever improved performance, including the area of thread generation. To help engineers achieve the required increases in output and enhancements in the quality, Iscar now offers three innovative methods for highly productive, economical and accurate threading operations.

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