Product Review 2015

November 2015


Vericut – It does exactly what it says on the tin

If any precision engineering company knows the vital importance of business software, it is Glasgow-based Castle Precision Engineering (awarded Manufacturer of the Year, in the UK). Having completely developed its own production control system the company knows exactly what it requires from any software package, and will only select the very best available when choosing any additional capability.

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Voortman launches new angle punching and shearing machine

Developed for improving productivity in steel tower fabrication. The Voortman V505-160T has been specifically designed with the challenges and needs of the tower fabrication industry in mind. As a result of direct customer involvement in the design phase, the Voortman V505-160T offers high-speed processing and waste reduction.

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Milling, turning and wire EDM updates in Edgecam 2016 R1

Turners now benefit from a new time-saving Pre-Finish Plunge option found in the Finishing Grooving cycle in Edgecam 2016 R1. A single plunge cut is generated at the centre of a groove feature, and the cycle then continues to finish the feature in the usual way. As this removes most of the material it does away with the need for a Rough Grooving cycle.

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Iscar drilling heads provide enhanced self-centering capability

By popular demand, Iscar has expanded their successful SumoCham drilling head options. The revolutionary Iscar HCP drilling heads feature an innovative geometry with concave cutting edges that substantially enhances the self-centering capability of the drill, enabling the use of long drills of up to 12 x diameter without first drilling a pilot hole.

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Mitsubishi Electric Wire Cut EDM series with tubular shaft motor

The high precision, machining accuracy and outstanding performance of the EDM machines sets them apart from others in their class, while energy savings of up to 42% can be expected. Furthermore, considerable cost savings are achieved through reduced consumption of wires, filters and ion exchange resins, while wear and maintenance have also been minimised.

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High-production lathes benefit from robot loading

Tongtai’s newest MT Series Lathes were developed for improving cycle times and turning processes for the automotive industry where small parts are typically made within 60 seconds. After many years of working together on customising machines and turnkey projects with automotive customers worldwide, Tongtai developed the MT series…

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Doosan expands range of Puma GT series turning centres

Doosan has expanded its range of Puma GT turning centers with four new models: the GT2600, GT2600M, GT2600L and GT2600LM. The chuck size is 10″ (optionally 12″) with a maximum swing over bed of 24.8″ and swing over saddle of 18.1″. Maximum turning length is 25.9″ on the GT2600 and 24″ on the GT2600M, while the long-bed GT2600L and GT2600LM versions offer maximum lengths of 42.4″ and 40.6″, respectively.

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TaeguTec’s Chase2Mill small 6mm insert takes pressure off high ramping

TaeguTec has launched a new compact four corners double-sided insert for multiple applications – the 4NKT 6mm insert for end mills, face mills and modular cutters. The 90 degree entering angle insert, despite the double sided design, is suitable for high ramp down angle applications. Its high positive geometry generates low cutting force while the cross edge insert geometry prevents unexpected insert failure.

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Kitagawa launch three new products at EMO 2015

Specialist suppliers of rotary tables, power chucks, work grippers and more, Kitagawa launched three new products at EMO 2015 including the Dual motor 4th Axis – DS250.
With a turning speed of up to 1000 rpm, the Kitagawa DS250 provides a lathe that can be attached to your machining centre bed. This spindle speed is achieved with an additional servomotor connected by an original patented Kitagawa mechanism.

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New hobbing machine for producing larger gears

The new Genesis 400H gear hobbing machine for workpieces up to 400mm diameter and module 8mm supplements Gleason Corporation’s line of Genesis® hobbing machines in the medium-sized workpiece range. The 400H is designed to manufacture gears for trucks and off-highway vehicles (agricultural, construction equipment), along with universal job shop tasks involving parts of similar size and module range.

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Sandvik’s GC3225 and GC3210 – two new grades covering all cast iron turning operations

Sandvik Coromant has introduced two new grades for machining cast iron. GC3225 and GC3210 form a new insert grade chain covering all cast iron turning operations for both grey and nodular cast iron materials. GC3225 is a first choice grade for the cast iron turning application area. It is designed to provide secure and trouble-free machining even in the most difficult conditions.

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New Hurco control with adjustable keypad, remote jog options

“Maximum usability is the foundation of the new MAX5 control from Hurco,” said Maggie Smith, Marketing Manager for Hurco Companies, Inc. “The numerous ergonomic features are a testament to the collaborative relationship we share with our customers who tested preliminary designs of MAX5, and gave their feedback during usability tests we hosted during the development process.

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New Widia M200 series of indexable milling cutters

The new Widia M200 series of indexable milling cutters is now available from Widatech for linear ramping, helical interpolation, pocketing and profile milling operations. The new milling line features double-sided round carbide inserts with up to 12 effective cutting edges to improve economy and reduce tooling costs, whilst significantly improving productivity.

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Okuma exhibits high-performance machines from its entire product range and smart components in Milan

Highlights for visitors were two new 5-axis machining centres and the new CNC Control OSP suite. “Machines to build the future” is the slogan that Okuma adopted and was the theme of their stand when they exhibited at the recent EMO 2015 in Milan. Highlights of the stand were the new MU-4000V and MU-8000V 5-axis machining centres, as well as the next generation OSP suite.

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NOVO continues reshaping manufacturing businesses with new features

“In minutes, NOVO can supply a quick quote turnaround on modified standards of solid drills. We’re continuing to add new internal support systems that make finding the right tool even simpler. Just tell us what you’re looking for, customized for the job in front of you, and NOVO can quote it, with expected delivery – fast,” says Katie Richardson, NOVO director of program management.

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Sneak peek: 15 features coming in SolidWorks 2016

It’s that time again! It’s time for SolidWorks 2016 and all of the exciting new features and enhancements that come with it. Most years users typically have to wait until the website launches and the new release goes live in order to get a first glimpse at some of the new features. Then, sometime later they can attend a local SolidWorks Reseller launch event to see all of the new features demonstrated live.

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Isotropic super-finishing service now available in South Africa

The process of super-finishing is used in applications such as Formula One, V8 Supercars, wind turbine transmissions, helicopter transmissions and any area where it is desirable to reduce friction and heat, and increase efficiency and service life. Comatra has developed specialised chemicals and processes over the past decade in order to offer this service in South Africa.

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Walter adds the high-end DC170 Supreme drill to its range of tools

The new DC170 Supreme for steel and cast iron workpieces is more than just another high-performance tool Walter says. Thanks to its revolutionary design and new features, this high-end drill is in a performance class, which has never before been achieved and boasts the very latest high-end technology. The flat grooves guide the coolant that is released at the tip around the drill, ensuring 360-degree cooling.

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September 2015


Mitsubishi Materials MC6015 – pushing the boundaries of steel turning

Mitsubishi Materials is now pushing the performance boundaries of steel turning beyond the realms of its competitors with the introduction of the new MC6015 insert grade. The new ISO series of CVD coated inserts are ideal for the ISO application range from P05 to P20 and have been developed with Mitsubishi’s patented Nano-Texture Coating Technology.

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Introducing the new Tongtai SH-4000 HMC

The New SH-4000 Horizontal Machining Center from Tongtai was developed for mass production line formation and fast aluminium alloy parts machining. The new compact machine has a 35% smaller footprint than the previous model, allowing for maximum shop floor utilisation throughput.

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Simulate the entire CNC machining process with Vericut 7.4

In version 7.4, the first thing a user will notice is a Welcome Screen that automatically displays when first launching a Vericut session. The Welcome Screen provides access to commonly used first actions for a Vericut session. The Vericut user interface continues to get more customisable.

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Harrison Alpha 1400XC from 600 UK features C-axis

Following on from the introduction of the heavyweight Alpha 1660 and 1760 XS models earlier in 2015, 600 UK has launched a full C-axis version (1400XC) of the Harrison Alpha manual/CNC combination lathe. Equipped with an 8-station turret you can now sample the best of manual/CNC turning with the option of performing milling as well.

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Lower costs per steel component: Sandvik Coromant’s new GC4305 for shorter cycle times in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, steel continues to be the most important material by far. To further optimise steel machining processes in this industry, Sandvik Coromant has developed GC4305, an insert that offers both extremely high metal removal rates and stable conditions.

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Prima Power’s Shear Brilliance cell

The emergence of servo-electric technology has improved the speed and accuracy of machines, while dramatically reducing energy consumption and operation costs. Increased punching speeds, combined with higher axis accelerations and speeds, have increased the productivity of the Prima Power punch/shear units by approximately 25% every five years.

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A useful drill in a small package – TaeguTec extends DrillRush line

TaeguTec has extended the application range of its successful DrillRush line by introducing 6 – 6.9mm diameter range drill heads for 1.5xD, 3xD and 5xD drilling depth holders. The manufacturer claims this innovative exchangeable drill’s performance exceeds that of the small carbide drills available in the market today for small diameter machining.

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Victor launches large capacity Vturn-V1000 VTL

The popularity of the Victor VTurn V760 vertical turning centre has now seen the company introduce the larger Vturn-V1000 for larger diameter components. The new addition to the Victor Vturn Vertical Range highlights the company’s recognition of customer demand for an increased capacity VTL.

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Nikon laser scanner combines productivity and accuracy

Nikon Metrology, which 20 years ago pioneered non-contact laser scanning on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), has introduced the new Nikon InSight L100 scanner featuring superior optics and innovative camera technology. Suitable for measurement of both surfaces and features, even on shiny or multi-material parts, the equipment quickly delivers accurate data and intuitive part-to-CAD comparison reports.

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Launch of Doosan Puma 4100/5100 turning centres

There are a total of 22 different machines in the new range with customers not only able to specify different chuck size models (i.e. 12, 15, 21 inch or large bore), but also different machine functionalities and capabilities i.e. long-beds, driven tools etc. The machines’ performance and capabilities can be increased quickly and easily (without modifications) via special thread functions, tailstocks, steady rests and long boring bars.

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More parts per edge and more edge for parts from Kennametal

Featuring a bronze-coloured titanium oxy-carbonitride (TiOCN) top coating that increases wear resistance, and which is also a wear indicator, Kennametal’s Beyond Drive cutting inserts come in a range of grades and geometries. The insert design and construction aim to reduce notch wear in demanding applications and crater wear in difficult materials, all while improving wear identification.

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DMG MORI to launch seven world premieres at EMO 2015 exhibition

DMG MORI will be confirming its status as a world market leader in the field of metal cutting machine tools with the announcement that the company will launch seven world premieres at the EMO 2015 exhibition, which takes place in Milan, Italy from 5 to 10 October 2015.

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Iscar’s tools focus on increased productivity with its progressive R&D activities

Iscar claims that it has set many ‘firsts’ for its cutting tools, inserts and tooling systems, which utilise advanced new coatings and innovative cutting geometries, because of its progressive R&D activities. The company manufactures products for turning, parting, milling and drilling with brand names such as Helimill, Tangmill, Multi-Master, Self-Grip, Tang-Grip and Chamdrill.

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Alphacam exploits full PC potential with 64-Bit support

Alphacam 2015 R2 is 64-bit compatible, meaning its programs can utilise all the available memory. “With 32-bit computers only able to work with 2GB, irrespective of how much memory is onboard, some large files are extremely difficult to work with,” says Alphacam Technical Manager Paul Green. “We gave a high priority to this development, as it means end users can now process large files without any issues arising.”

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Widia VariMill GP end-mills

The Widia VariMill GP (general-purpose) solid carbide end-mill is said to be suitable for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing in materials that include aluminium, steels, stainless steels and cast irons. The key benefits to manufacturing companies include reduced inventory and tool management on machines.

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Okuma launches interactive “Industry Parts Viewer” to help aid in the selection of the suitable CNC machine tool

The OEM offers an extremely wide variety of CNC machine tools with a broad range of sizes and configurations for various applications. The machine selector tool takes the guess work out of selecting a machine by providing users with a convenient and effortless method of finding the Okuma machine tool that best suits their specific manufacturing needs.

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Bystronic expands the versatility of its ByJet Flex waterjet cutting machine with the introduction of a new, 3D cutting head

New machines can be ordered fitted with one or two 3D cutting heads, while users of existing 2D ByJet Flex machines can opt to upgrade their equipment by retrofitting the head(s), which takes less than an hour.

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Simulation and offline programming of Motoman robot systems

Virtual simulation of robot-based systems and processes provides crucial advantages not only in planning, but also in the commissioning and operation of such systems. In particular, costly errors can be reliably excluded and resources used more efficiently.

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New Walter tool selection software now available

Tooling supplier Walter GB has released version 2.20 of its GPS tool selection software that offers new functionality for selecting the correct milling tool, new search options for drills and an improved graphical user interface for product-related searches.

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July 2015


Tongtai versatile twin-spindle vertical machining centres triple as horizontals and 5-sided machines for fast automation in high volume production

Tongtai has announced the launch of the new FV Series vertical machining centres, versatile and flexible machines that are built in both single-spindle and twin-spindle head designs for mass production lines of complicated workpieces in the automotive, appliance, electronics, and energy industries.

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ProLine Series pumps making waves in water jet cutting

Cost-cutting pressures relieved. Improved productivity with robotised waterjet cutting solutions. Regardless of whether it’s a question of metal, acrylic, glass or textiles, industry makes use of water jet cutting for a wide range of materials. That is why one Swedish company, Projet System, has specialised in high-pressure pump systems for a broad variety of applications.

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CNC Software unveils Mastercam X9

CNC Software has announced the release of Mastercam X9. Mastercam X9 brings a new suite of programming tools focused on delivering speed, automation, and efficiency for all machining jobs. Mastercam X9 introduces Dynamic Motion improvements, multiaxis enhancements, and many design and system features to make your job easier.

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Tornos launches new small part turning centre

Six months after the hugely successful launch of the Tornos GT 26 turning centre, the Swiss sliding head turning specialist is now introducing its smaller Swiss GT13 turning centre. Developed for the production of relatively complex components, the new Tornos Swiss GT13 is the ideal solution for the subcontract manufacturer.

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Kennametal launches new ToolBOSS vending solution connecting ToolBOSS with NOVO

Having tool availability confirmed during process planning can be a critical time-saving element for important jobs, avoiding downtime and expensive overnight shipping. Shops with NOVO and ToolBOSS have a distinct advantage. Driven by “Different Thinking is Better Thinking”, Kennametal continues to seize the productivity-building potential of NOVO by launching a new service offering combining its premium vending solution.

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Affordable laser scanning solution for portable measuring arms

Hexagon Metrology today unveiled a powerful new non-contact sensor, the HP-L-8.9 laser scanner. Positioned at a very affordable price point, the new scanner promises to make handheld 3D laser scanning accessible to users who until now were unable to justify investment in this technology.

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Colchester Triumph VS2500 centre lathe

600 UK recently unveiled a range of new products at a special 3 day Open House event from 2 to 4 June 2015. Visitors were also invited to tour 600 UK’s manufacturing facility that was significantly reconfigured and modernised through a £750,000 investment project completed last year.

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Henninger Air Turbine Speeders

If you are tired of expensive high-speed machines that don’t have the torque for low-speed work you have come to the right place. Now you can have both. When interfaced with your control, these high-speed spindles can be used like any other tool in your tool changer, completely unattended. You don’t even have to buy a spindle for each speed that you need to run.

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Edgecam 2015 R2 – a step forward for milling, turning and wire EDM

The latest release of Edgecam’s manufacturing software contains a number of new and enhanced items of CAD and CAM functionality for milling, turning, and wire EDM. Highlights include an upgrade to the multi spindle lathe set up, a new port machining module for its renowned 5-axis cycle, and significant time savings through the enhanced hole cycle.

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HyAccess extended consumables

Hypertherm is expanding availability of its HyAccess extended consumables to the Powermax65, Powermax85, and Powermax105, in addition to legacy Powermax and MAX systems with Duramax retrofit torches. Previously, the consumables were only available for Hypertherm Powermax30, Powermax30 XP, and Powermax45 air plasma systems.

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New Haas bar feeder automates production

When Haas Automation introduced the Servo Bar 300 bar feeder in 1999, it was instantly popular, because it was compact, easy to use, and affordable. For 2015, Haas engineers went back to the drawing board to make bar feeder operations easier, more efficient, and faster.

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Salvagnini fiber laser cutting machine incorporates patented compass head positioner

The 2015 Salvagnini L5 fiber laser cutting machine incorporates the patented, rotary motor-driven compass head positioner. According to the manufacturer, the positioner allows for improved speed, accuracy, reliability, energy conservation, and performance.

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Mitsubishi Materials WSX445 double sided insert type face mill line

The WSX445 series, with the proprietary double sided Z geometry, has received a favourable reception in the market place as a revolutionary face milling cutter that provides excellent economy due to the double sided insert (4-corner inserts). It also achieves low cutting resistance by utilising features of both positive and negative rake inserts.

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Doosan’s Korea show reveals what’s in store

Doosan Infracore’s tenth DIMF Show (Doosan International Machine Tool Fair) held in Busan, South Korea from 13 – 15 May 2015 proved to be the biggest and best yet with 5 700 Doosan dealers, distributors, academics and Doosan officials, and over 800 international visitors attending the event.

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Expansion of Iscar’s Millshred Family

Following global customer demand, Iscar has announced the expansion of the company’s popular Millshred P290 line. The new inserts are made from the Iscar’s advanced Sumo Tec carbide grades that provide excellent levels of performance. In addition, inserts intended for the machining of aluminum are produced from Iscar’s highly effective grade IC28.

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Vericut CNC simulation integrates into all CAD/CAM/PLM systems

Not all CNC simulation packages are quite what you might expect. Most CAM systems on the market come with what is called a “video simulation”, these show the toolpath removing material based on the programmed inputs within the CAM software. Other CAM systems even have a kinematic model showing the CNC machine components moving while material removal takes place along the toolpath. Surely this is what CNC simulation is?

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New Widia shoulder milling platform achieves true 90 degree shoulders and floors

Numerous precision parts in transportation, moldmaking, general engineering, and more require true 90-degree shoulders and floors with superior surface finish. Economic and competitive pressures require manufacturers of all parts to maximize metal removal and tool life. The new VSM490 double-sided shoulder milling platform from Widia is a powerful advantage for achieving all this and more.

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PipeWorx System delivers key benefits for pipe fabrication shops

Constructed to withstand the rigors of field use, the PipeWorx 350 FieldPro offers simplified cable management, complete remote control at the weld joint and optimised arc performance for critical pipe welding. The simplified cable management saves pipefitters time by eliminating all of the communication cables that cause clutter and hassle on jobsites.

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May 2015


AU-1440iA Z800 submerged wire EDM from AccuteX provides large capacity, flexibility and speed

The new AccuteX AU-1440iA Z800 submerged wire EDM is engineered to process large as well as smaller parts with accuracy, speed and convenience. The machine’s X axis capacity of 1378mm with 787mm in Y and Z enable it to handle workpieces up to 1712 x 1062 x 782mm in size.

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TaeguTec’s TwinRush – A new large diameter drilling solution with an interchangeable head and inserts

TaeguTec is combining the power of two of its popular drills into one package. The TwinRush takes away the worries associated with machining large diameter holes by assuring that the new addition to the TaeguTec drilling line offers excellent performance and high productivity.

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New Harrison Alpha XS combination lathes fulfill heavyweight turning demands

As part of their comprehensive new product development programme, 600 UK are bringing two new heavyweight additions to the hugely successful Harrison Alpha XS Manual / CNC lathe range. The heavy duty Harrison Alpha 1660XS and 1760XS models have been specifically designed in response to increased customer demand for turning larger diameter components accurately, efficiently and more cost effectively.

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For milling, drilling, or tapping, Widia’s Vari family of tools delivers high performance

Extreme challenges are daily fare for job shops. To address the unique needs of job shop customers and the distributors who serve them, the Widia VariMill, VariDrill, and VariTap are specifically engineered to be versatile, easy to choose, easy to use, and deliver superior results in a wide range of applications and materials.

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TruLaser 3030 fibre laser machine with BrightLine fibre technology

The TruLaser 3030 fibre features both high speed cutting and processing flexibility, resulting in maximum profitability. The fibre-delivered TruDisk laser excels not only at thin sheet cutting, but also in steel up to 3/4″ thick with peak performance, cut quality and low operating cost. Stainless steel, aluminium and copper can also be cut with speed and quality, giving you a full range of capabilities.

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Five cutting edges make Iscar’s Penta 24 threading inserts a ‘star’ performer

Following the global success of the advanced Penta 24 inserts, Iscar has expanded Pentacut’s application range by adding threading options. The new Iscar inserts feature the ability to perform highly efficient threading applications. Full profile inserts are now available in ISO, UN, Whitworth and BSPT thread standards. In addition, partial profile inserts are available in 60o (MT) and 55o (WT) profiles.

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Cut parts faster, with Vericut OptiPath

In the business world today it’s all about being productive; applying lean principles such as Kaizen, continuous improvements, 5s, one-piece flow and so on. Most of us have heard or have first-hand knowledge of these methods and how they can improve businesses that are on a journey to become more effective and efficient. By reducing waste and improving processes companies can become more competitive and more profitable.

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Yamazaki Mazak previews new graphical user interface and control

Yamazaki Mazak’s Smooth Technology incorporates a new Mazatrol SmoothX CNC control alongside new machine hardware and servo systems to deliver an improved operator experience, faster machining times and further integrate CNC into the overall factory management system. The interface is operated intuitively in a similar way to smartphones and tablets.

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New plug-and-play milling cutters from Walter

Milled mating faces are almost always a feature of cast parts. But it is only when the machining process has succeeded in conferring perfectly flat faces that they are able to ensure that, for example, an engine or transmission can run reliably for years to come. Walter’s new M2025 and M2026 finishing face mills are ideally suited to this, combining maximum precision with cost effectiveness.

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New Hypertherm Powermax30 AIR delivers portability, with the added convenience of an internal air compressor for on the go cutting

With the built in compressor and the ability to operate on both 120 or 240 volt lines, the Powermax30 AIR is a highly versatile system that enables metal cutting just about anywhere. Weighing only 13.5 kg the Powermax30 AIR provides 30 amps of output giving it the highest power to weight ratio of any system in its class.

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Hurco expands large machining centre range

Having introduced a pair of twin-column, bridge-type, vertical-spindle machining centres in 2009, Hurco Europe has now added a third, much larger model, the DCX42i. The 51 ton machine has a 4.2 metre X-axis travel, plus 2.6 metres in Y and 1.1 metres in Z, providing a working volume nearly double that of the next model down, the DCX32i, and more than four times that of the DCX 22i.

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ExOne debuts Exerial™ 3D printing system designed for industrial series production

The ExOne Company, a global provider of three-dimensional printing machines and printed products to industrial customers will debut its largest 3D printing system, the Exerial™, at the GIFA International Foundry Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, which takes place June 16-20.

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Feeler introduces economical FT-250SY high-performance milling lathe with true Y-axis and sub-spindle

Feeler has expanded its FT-series high performance CNC turning centers line with the new FT-250SY. A unique capability in its class, the FT-250SY features a true Y-Axis with 100mm (+/- 50mm) of travel, which provides increased rigidity and a more robust machining environment. Also, by offering an 8-inch sub-spindle in addition to the primary 10-inch spindle, the FT-250SY provides more capacity than competitive turning centers.

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Upgraded Romer Absolute Arm laser scanner speeds up inspection

Available with all new Romer Absolute Arm SI portable measurement systems or as an upgrade for existing customers, the RS3 doubles the scan rate of the previous RS2 integrated scanner, enabling users to inspect like-for-like parts in approximately half the time. Point cloud density has also increased, resulting in a maximum acquisition speed more than nine-times that of the RS2 model, giving faster, more detailed scanning without compromising on accuracy.

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Okuma’s new GI-10NII internal grinding machine provides high efficiency

Okuma’s GI-10NII is equipped with extremely rigid, high-speed grinding wheel spindles that produce high performance production in automated environments. Capable of simultaneous two-axis control, this model is extremely flexible in handling a variety of workpiece shapes in a simple data setting. Centralized control of lubricating and pneumatic devices allows for easy maintenance, while simplified programming and the program help function allow for easy operation.

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Portable arm-based CMM scanning solution with MCAx articulated arm and MMDx scanners – Nikon Metrology

Nikon Metrology’s MCAx manual coordinate measuring arm is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use portable 7-axis measuring arm. It is the perfect partner for the ModelMaker MMDx/MMCx digital handheld laser scanners and Focus 10 handheld scanning and inspection software. This total solution’s accuracy, capability and portability make it feel perfectly at home in the metrology lab, on the shop floor and in-the-field.

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Fibre laser cutting machine incorporates patented compass head positioner

The 2015 Salvagnini L5 fibre laser cutting machine incorporates the patented, rotary motor-driven compass head positioner. According to the manufacturer, the positioner allows for improved speed, accuracy, reliability, energy conservation, and performance. Available in 2, 3 and 4kW versions, the machine comes fitted with a new, all-electric pallet changer.

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Tongtai TMT2000 Series has twin spindles and two individual machining areas

Tongtai’s CNC Lathes have been widely popular because of their high reliability and high cost-performance rate. Now, Tongtai has launched a new CNC Lathe series – TMT 2000 Series – that has twin spindles and two individual machining areas. The turrets and spindles are designed in parallel to each other. This design allows components, which need two machining processes, to be finished on one machine.

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BLM Group model LT8 laser tube cutting system enhances processing of large tube diametres

The system provides flexibility and operator ease for up to 220mm diametre tube cutting in production environments. BLM Group has announced the introduction of the flexible Model LT8 laser tube cutting system. The LT8 is a three dimensional CO2 laser tube cutting machine that provides excellent flexibility and user-friendliness for extremely precise laser cutting on tube diametres up to 220mm and a bar weight up to 450 kilograms.

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Ficep’s CNC drilling line is Rapid

The Rapid from Ficep is a new CNC high speed drilling line for angles and flats offering high productivity, quality, flexibility, accuracy and lower production costs. The machine has the option of using indexable carbide drilling tools. The CNC materials handling system loads the angles on to the conveyor track which then automatically clamps the workpiece in position, and every process then takes place sequentially.

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Bystronic CNC interface designed for press brakes

The operator is guided through the programming and manufacturing process. Bending sequences can be modified on-the-fly by the operator, even if the program was developed offline. The interface operates within the Windows® 7 platform. Program data transmissions are transferred between the interface and the CNC using high-speed network communications.

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Asymmetric boring bar from Kennametal drives productivity

Kennametal´s new asymmetric line-boring solution increases machining robustness, process speeds, and bore quality, and reduces tool maintenance and handling. Precision boring is a vital process in manufacturing many critical components. The accuracy and finish of a multi-journal crank bore in an engine block relates directly to power and fuel efficiency, and the time it takes relates directly to the engine company’s profits.

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Asymmetric boring bar from Kennametal drives productivity

Kennametal´s new asymmetric line-boring solution increases machining robustness, process speeds, and bore quality, and reduces tool maintenance and handling. Precision boring is a vital process in manufacturing many critical components. The accuracy and finish of a multi-journal crank bore in an engine block relates directly to power and fuel efficiency, and the time it takes relates directly to the engine company’s profits.

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Neway CNC Equipment launches four new machines

Vertical machining centres with roller type linear guides. Neway CNC Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd now offers three new VMCs – the LH/LD series- and a new CNC vertical tapping/drilling centre. These machines were designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in both the static and moving state to help ensure optimum performance.

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March 2015


Yaskawa Motoman introduces MH280 II robot for machine tending applications

The heavy-payload of the powerful, new MH280 II robot makes it ideal for machine tending, which is one of the most common robotics applications today. With its increased payload, moment and inertia ratings, this model can also be used in material handling and press tending applications.

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DMG Mori launch four world machine premieres – Large machines and large capacity in renovated Pfronten facility

Although the recent share offer has been headline news, the purpose of the annual DMG Mori event in Pfronten held in February 2015 is about machine tool technology and related developments. And a record 7 000 visitors make the pilgrimage to the town in the south of Bavaria to view this. They were not disappointed this year. DMG Mori had four world machine premieres.

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Vericut for full machine simulation

Every manufacturing business has to consider costs: the initial cost of purchasing the CNC machine tools required to meet demands; the cost of developing an efficient manufacturing process; the value of the raw materials that will be machined to create the finished components and, finally, the cost of failing to deliver if any step of the manufacturing process goes wrong.

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Trouble-free groove milling – the CoroMill® QD groove milling concept from Sandvik Coromant

The main challenge in groove milling is often chip evacuation. Chip issues often harm production efficiency, lower component quality or cause tool breakage, especially when machining narrow and deep grooves. Dedicated for groove milling and parting off operations, CoroMill QD takes care of chip issues with optimized geometries and the unique internal coolant solution.

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Okuma’s new LU4000 EX CNC lathe utilises two tools working simultaneously to provide flexibility and high removal rates

Okuma’s LU4000 EX CNC lathe is equipped with two turrets to enable two tools to work simultaneously, promoting process flexibility as well as high metal removal rates. The lathe is the company’s latest addition of four-axis turning in the 10″ to 15″ chuck class and is said to be well-suited for automotive applications.

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Widia introduces new universal high-precision collet chuck

Manufacturers of high-precision components (aerospace, transportation, die and mould, general engineering, and many more) wage a constant battle between producing high-tolerance parts and a “we-have-to-have-it-tomorrow” reality. Widia has announcing a significant new weapon to bring shops closer to victory, a universal, high-precision collet chuck offering use in multiple applications (milling, drilling, reaming, and tapping), while maintaining runout accuracies of 0.003 mm at 3xD.

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Automated Amada robotic bending cell handles small, complex parts

High-precision servoelectric press brakes demonstrate their productivity benefits particularly well when they are used in combination with a bending cell that possesses an equally efficient automation system. The Amada EG-6013 AR follows this well established principle. It comprises a fully electric press brake with a press beam length of 1,300 mm and a press force of 600 kN.

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Breaking chips with two new RhinoRush chip breakers – TaeguTec

The process of properly controlling chip formations are important in order to prevent the loss of production due to frequent halts in the machining process, as well as safety hazards to the operator, damage to the tools and work-piece. To eliminate the negative factors in machining, TaeguTec has expanded on the power of chip breakers with two new introductions of its highly popular RhinoRush line of small and strong inserts.

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Kennametal Stellram’s 7792VXE16 high-feed milling tool is capable of pocketing, slotting, and plunging

Kennametal offers its Stellram 7792 and 7793 milling cutters that direct cutting forces axially into the spindle, lessening spindle wear and improving machining stability. Both modern and older equipment can benefit from this cutting tool technology. These Stellram face mills operate at shallow depths of cut and very high feed rates, resulting in metal-removal rates up to 5 times greater than conventional cutters.

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High specification and versatility are features of new Bridgeport Conquest 1000 VMC

An all-new Bridgeport-Hardinge vertical machining centre – the Conquest V1000 – is now available in the UK from the exclusive distributor, the Engineering Technology Group. Aside from its rigidity the machine features large, robust 45 mm ball screws on all axes and 35 mm linear guides are standard on the X-axis with 45 size guides on the Y and Z-axes. Axis travels are: X – 1020 mm; Y – 610 mm and Z – 610 mm.

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Iscar introduces the Helido Trigon line

Iscar has introduced a major new development in the field of high-efficiency milling. The advanced new Helido Trigon line H690-07 was designed for the highly productive rough to semi-finish milling, primarily on cast iron and steel components. Each Helido Trigon line cutter body has precise coolant holes directed to the inserts’ cutting edges, to provide the most efficient cooling action.

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New and advanced Metal-Safe® protective clothing

A J Charnaud & Co (Pty) Ltd, a leading global manufacturer of protective wear for protection against radiant heat, electric arc flash, flames, fire and molten metal splash, has introduced a new, advanced Metal-Safe® range of products. The latest innovation in the Charnaud Metal-Safe® protective work wear family is a unique anti-static product that offers a new-to-market permanently flame resistant solution for protection against molten metal splash, flash fire, flames and welding.

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United Grinding unveils new machines, growth strategy

At its annual Motion Meeting in Thun, United Grinding’s Studer brand CEO Fred Gaegauf unveiled several new products, and suggested that as many as six new platforms could be forthcoming during the year ahead. Following the launch of the S141 cylindrical grinding machine in 2014, for the manufacture of spindle shafts, spindle casings rotor shafts and more, Studer is launching the S131 and S151, thus introducing a new grinding series.

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New Walter cutting tool material for ISO P with maximum cutting performance

The high-performance cutting tool material Tiger·tec® Silver WPP05S is Walter’s new specialist for roughing steel. The aluminium oxide layer used is 150 percent thicker in comparison to conventional layers. This ensures that indexable inserts with the new grade remain wear-resistant even at the highest of temperatures, and exhibit a correspondingly long tool life.

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Victor Vturn-45CV horizontal turning centre with VDI-50 live turret

Victor Taichung Machinery Works now offers the Vturn-45CV horizontal turning centre with VDI-50 live turret. According to the company, a one piece 2 185mm centre slant bed lathe with homogenous Meehanite casting is designed to distribute stress throughout the structure. “To ensure perfect alignment in the machine structure, the bed is machined in a single set-up on a large five-face machining centre,” said a company spokesperson.

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Heavy-duty scanning probe gives Hexagon Metrology CMMs new reach

This addition to the HP-S-X5 range is designed to give very high and repeatable accuracy even with heavier and longer probe extensions, accepting styli of lengths up to 800mm and weights to 650g. The HP-S-X5 HD enables coordinate measuring machine (CMM) users to accurately measure small parts as well as features deep inside a workpiece with the same probe head.

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Wele launch UG-series of universal gantry-style 5-axis machines

Based on a high rigidity, overhead gantry design with a patented backlash elimination system and twin, Y-axis ballscrew drives for high precision five-axis and five-face machining, the Wele Universal Gantry UG-Series is available in capacities of 550mm by 700mm by 500mm (UG550) and 800mm by 950mm by 650mm (UG800).

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New larger part Mitsubishi EDM reduces wire cost up to 60% while reducing curl ratio to less than 10%

Celebrating more than 10 000 EDM installations, Mitsubishi EDM is proud to introduce the MV4800 Advance, the latest addition to the popular MV Series EDM family. This machine’s new standout features are its cylindrical drive and its increased travel, making it ideal for larger part production.

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The Hommel-Etamic Wavemove CNC measuring station from Jenoptik Industrial Metrology

The Hommel-Etamic Wavemove CNC measuring station from Jenoptik Industrial Metrology combines high-precision measurement with eight fully automatic movable axes to measure both roughness and contours in a single run. The automated measuring station is well-suited to automotive applications, including crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder blocks and cylinder heads.

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January 2015


Innovative insert geometry – New WSX series low cutting resistance face mill from Mitsubishi Materials

The positive geometry of the Double Z inserts for the new WSX series takes face milling to a new level of usability. The geometry produces low cutting resistance, making it ideal for all types of machines, from low power through to heavy duty types. This level of cutting resistance is only usually associated with conventional single sided positive inserts and allows end users to increase machine utilization.

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Hexagon Metrology launches a new range of all-in-one high-speed laser tracker

Leading metrology solutions developer Hexagon Metrology has unveiled the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960, a walk-around coordinate measuring machine that fits in a single flight case. The latest model in the Leica Absolute Tracker range, the AT960 answers customer demand for a genuinely portable laser tracker with high-speed dynamics and six degrees of freedom (6DoF) capabilities.

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SpadeRush cuts stress of large-diameter hole making

Producing large-diameter holes can be a big headache for many shops that are aiming to be cost effective and competitive in today’s global market. TaeguTec has introduced the SpadeRush, a new line of high productivity head changeable drills for large diameter hole making that removes the challenges imposed on machine and cutting tools performing such operations.

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Jyoti CNC vertical machining center PX 20 series

The C frame CNC vertical machining center PX 20 series has been developed by Jyoti with the aim to deliver and the ability to cope with various arenas of the demanding manufacturing industry. The PX 20 Series fits into the 3-axis segment with the option to include a 4th axis rotary table. Various working areas are available with table sizes ranging from 660 X 360mm to 915 X 460mm. The X-axis travel range is from 510mm to 760mm.

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Machining challenges – Sandvik Coromant presents the innovative CoroMill® 5B90

A high-performance tool for finishing aluminium components. The greatest challenge when machining cylinder heads is to minimise the cycle time and at the same time produce components with close tolerances and a defined surface quality. Deburring, irregular tool wear and unpredictable insert tool-life typically provide long cycle times in the face milling operation.

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Sisma laser systems for mould maintenance

The Sisma SWA-150 IV class laser system is suitable for welding and repair of moulds with and without filler material and other open laser welding work on large workpieces. Thanks to the many adjustments of the optic head and to the motorised axes, the welding operations are made easier and allow fast action with excellent results. Laser parameters are managed through an easy and intuitive touch screen that allows the control of the waveform, the diameter of the welding and an eventual rotating spindle.

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Generate NC programs at the touch of a button – Trumpf TruTops Boost

TruTops Boost, the new software solution developed by Trumpf, merges into a single system all the steps needed to generate sheet metal manufacturing programs. This includes everything from part design and data import to nesting and even writing NC programs for cutting, punching and bending. The new operating reasoning makes TruTops Boost easy to understand and, thanks to the Boost Technology, makes it unbeatably fast.

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Iscar’s Spinjet HSM spindle – Seriously cool(ant) speed

It provides true high-speed machining at a fraction of the cost of a high-speed machine, and with great ease of use. It enables manufacturers to very economically increase productivity. When it was first introduced, NC machining was a game changer, revolutionising the metalcutting industry and making it possible for machined parts to be cut with greater speed and precision than ever before. As a result, productivity and production were greatly increased.

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DMG Mori Sprint 50-3T, B-axis next generation automatic lathe provides highly productive bar machining with three turrets and unique B-axis

The DMG Mori Sprint 50, an automatic CNC lathe is equipped with three turrets, of which the lower turret has a B-axis, a unique feature for automated production turning machines. Three turrets allow highly productive machining of short workpieces and collision-free machining with three turrets on the main and counter spindle.

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Press brake display moves on beam to correct bending location

Haco has introduced a new concept for press brake controllers: SyncView, a dynamic display located on the beam that moves horizontally to the correct bending location. The tablet screen is positioned automatically where the workpiece is being worked on by the operator, allowing the operator to watch both the screen and the workpiece simultaneously during the bending process.

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Widia Victory turning portfolio expands, maximising performance in wide range of materials

For difficult-to-machine materials like Inconel and Rene in complex aerospace applications or cobalt-chromes and high-alloy stainless steels in precise medical applications, the new Widia Victory FS geometry is a ground, high positive design best used in finishing tasks where surface finish and minimising part deflection are critical.

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Continuous cutting through thick and thin – Amada Ensis-3015 AJ

As fiber lasers claim more and more market share in industrial applications, particularly by matching or surpassing the capabilities of more established CO2 machines, Amada is offering an innovative new player in the field. Amada’s latest fiber laser boasts a very special feature, namely the ability to continuously adjust the beam to match the material thickness. What in the past could only be achieved through manual lens changes is now performed automatically by the system itself.

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Yaskawa Motoman MH50 II-Series robots for processing large parts

The new powerful, high-speed MH50 II-series robots have an extremely flexible design, allowing them to be used for a variety of applications, including coating, dispensing, machine and press tending, material cutting and handling. The long reach of the MH50 II model and the extended reaches of the MH50 II-35 and MH50 II-20 make these robots superior for processing large parts.

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Prima Power delivers a revolution in high productivity 3D laser for automotive applications

Automotive parts manufacturers need highly specialised equipment for trimming formed sheet metal components while meeting all their specific requirements. With the new Laser Next machine, Prima Power has drawn on its 35 years of experience in this field. Collaborating with customers and partners operating in the automotive industry resulted in the design of a fast, compact and highly efficient 3D laser for high volume automotive production applications.

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Travelling column VMC machines five sides simultaneously – Doosan VCF850LSR

The Doosan VCF850LSR vertical machining center features a versatile traveling-column design with a tilting B-axis spindle head and a 500-mm rotary table for machining multiple sides of a workpiece at once. The headstock is mounted to a rigid swiveling base driven by a heavy-duty, high-precision worm gear. The B axis is capable of 1200 Newton metres during contour machining and can be locked down using a hydraulic piston with 1 965 Newton metres of torque for heavy-duty cutting.

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Software eases 3D waterjet cutting

FlowXpert 2015, Flow International Corp.’s upgrade to its FlowXpert software suite, offers new capabilities for 3D pathing and cutting to enable waterjet users to work more effectively in 3D with less complexity. The CAD/CAM software platform expands on the company’s FlowMaster intelligent software suite and includes Design powered by Spaceclaim, an integrated 3D CAD/CAM programming tool with Flow Sequencer. This integration, engineered in partnership with Spaceclaim, increases flexibility and is specifically designed for waterjet cutting, enabling faster waterjet programing.

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Inserts feature bronze TiOCN top coating – new Beyond Drive™ cutting tool inserts from Kennametal

Kennametal has announced the availability of the new Beyond Drive inserts featuring a bronze TiOCN top coating for increased wear resistance and wear indication. The new Beyond Drive cutting tool inserts from Kennametal are helping component suppliers succeed in this environment by facilitating enhanced performance and extended tool life, resulting in increased productivity in the form of more finished pieces per cutting edge.

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Safan H- Brake 175.32/27 with E-control EC 20 and E-Bend L

Electric-powered press brakes have been more widely available in recent years as fabricators have looked for more energy-efficient, quicker, and more precise bending machines. One of the forerunners in this equipment segment is SafanDarley. The company’s newest generation of electric brakes employ a servo-electric drive with a double-pulley system. The new press brakes have a C-frame, a narrower press beam, and the ability to deliver greater tonnage per metre than previous generations.

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Inspection system for automotive, aerospace gear

The Gleason 300GMS analytical gear inspection system enables complete inspection of gears for automotive, aerospace and other like-size gear applications, as well as non-gear workpieces. The system is capable of inspection tasks including gear geometry, surface finish, form measurement and prismatic measurement. A Renishaw 3D probe head provides accuracy and flexibility for gears and gear-cutting tools, especially finer pitch gears, Gleason says.

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Suite of blade measurement, analysis tools offered

Renishaw offers hardware and software for CMMs that are specifically designed for measurement of aerospace blades, including ApexBlade planning software for Revo sweep scanning and DMIS programming, Modus airfoil analysis for the calculation and reporting of blade section profile and airfoil characteristics, and SurfitBlade to aid reverse engineering of the complete airfoil.

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Salvagnini’s new press brake tooling management

Salvagnini has introduced a new twist on press brake tooling management. Instead of maintaining a storage area on the side or in the rear of the press brake, the B3’s tooling is stored within the press brake itself, and it adjusts the positioning of the tools according to the next job. Like with panel benders, on which the tooling shifts in the toolholder to accommodate the current bending job, so does the tooling in the press brake. Salvagnini calls this an ATA—Automatic Tool Adjuster—option.

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Okuma’s Multus U series multitasking CNC lathes reduce setup time

The series includes two machine sizes: the Multus U3000 (maximum diameter of 650mm and bed length of 1 000mm) and the Multus U4000 (maximum diameter of 700mm and bed length of 1 500mm). The series of lathes is equipped with a comprehensive package of the company’s Intelligent Technologies (thermo-friendly concept, collision avoidance system and Machining Navi) and a variety of efficiency features.

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