Prima Power’s Laser Next 2130

Prima Power’s Laser Next 2130 is for the processing of mass produced hot-stamped automotive parts, such as those for the new door ring concept.

Hot stamped parts are increasingly replacing traditional metal formed parts in automotive frame design and this trend is confirmed also for the next years. These components play in fact a fundamental role in reducing vehicle weight, and consequently fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and keeping overall strength to grant 5-star safety ratings.

A recent trend that is gaining momentum is the adoption of a new door ring concept, hot stamped as one part instead of the four parts which are usually required. This minimises production costs, reduces the weight and increases the performance of this component.

Prima Power’s new Laser Next 2130 cutting machine maintains the performance of the previous 1530 model while offering an increased working volume, making it ideal for cutting large hot stamped components.

Laser Next 2130 has a working volume of 3 050 x 2 100 x 612mm with a dynamic and high precision 5 000mm turntable. The system is compact and offers 208m/min trajectory speed and 2.1g acceleration performance. It can be equipped with a 3kW or 4kW high brilliance fiber laser.

Laser Next features Prima Power’s own focusing head, direct drive motors, double protection SIPS and a metallic sensor for safety, focal position control, a compact size and a sealed enclosure for complete protection.

Prima Power has also developed a new fiber laser head with adaptive optics for automatic management of focal position and diameter, and fast, reactive and accurate stand-off measurement. The new head is designed for excellent cutting quality and dynamics on all materials.

Laser Next is typically used for mass production of automotive components, where efficiency is a decisive factor. With its new CF series generators, Prima Power is the only laser machine manufacturer to develop internally all essential elements of its products. This adds to the efficiency of Prima Power 3D laser systems, well-proven by hundreds of installations for 24/7 manufacturing of hot stamped components across the globe.

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