Prima Power’s Laser Genius 2D features linear drives

The new Laser Genius from Prima Power combines linear drives, a carbon fibre carriage and a synthetic granite frame to produce dramatic speed and axis acceleration improvements from a dynamically stable and accurate structure.

Thanks to that, power options up to 6kW can now be exploited to the full potential of the high brilliance laser source which, requiring no laser gases and with its highly reliable, full solid-state fibre laser technology, delivers low operating costs in line with Prima Power’s Green Means philosophy for sustainable manufacturing.


Smart Cut technology, built into the Laser Genius, minimises head travel by rapidly switching the laser beam for cutting grid shapes resulting in cycle time savings up to 30% while, for thicker materials, Max Cut technology provides rapid high quality piercing which can reduce cycle times by up to 40%. For high intensity production, the Laser Genius offers Night Cut advanced process monitoring. This suite provides LPM piercing and cutting monitoring with the LPM process sensor, automatic restart in the event of an error and operator warnings by email where action is required, resulting in a highly reliable and safe process delivering maximum productivity at minimum cost.

The Laser Genius also includes Prima Power SIPS safety impact protection to prevent damage to the laser head in the event of a collision and OPC (Optical Position Control) quick lens centering.

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