Prima Power Laserdyne introduces new dual workstation multi-axis laser processing system Laserdyne 606D

Prima Power Laserdyne has announced the introduction of the new Dual Workstation Laserdyne 606D multi-axis laser processing system. This new innovative system features two completely independent 3D laser processing work stations in a single structure.

Each workstation has its own 3D motion system based on linear motors (X and Y axes), carbon fiber composite moving structures, a BD3Y BeamDirector®, a S94P laser process control and a fiber laser.

Doors are independently controlled and each workstation is isolated. This allows an operator to load or unload parts on one side while laser processing is occurring on the other side.

The 606D is ideally suited for operations with relatively high volume applications of precision 3D laser cutting, welding and drilling and those operations where set-up and part changeover are critical. In both cases the system appeals to those who are concerned about obtaining the greatest throughput per unit area of factory floor space.


High throughput is enabled through the use of linear motors for the X and Y axes. The workstations are fast and accurate with an XYZ speed of 50 m/min, 2 g acceleration, and bi-directional accuracy of 20 µm. Graphite fiber composite structures employed in the linear axes and synthetic granite material of the base all contribute to the system’s high dynamic accuracy.

Each of the workstations is configured according to its applications. For example, each workstation can have the same or different fiber laser, sensor options, and number of axes depending upon the applications for a given workstation.

Each workstation has a volumetric accuracy throughout the full work envelope 610 x 610 x 610 mm.

The two Laserdyne S94P controllers provide integrated control of the laser, motion, process gases, and process sensors in order to produce smart solutions for cutting, welding and drilling. The newest of these capabilities, called Smart Techniques™, include:

• SmartStop™ to reduce backwall damage during drilling
• SmartShield™ to provide protection against excessive oxidation in the weld area
• SmartPierce™ to minimise spatter and pierce time and
• SmartRamp™ to eliminate the weld indentation at the end of laser welds.

The optional patented OFC™ Optical Focus Control or OFC2 ABSOLUTE™ Precision Measurement for Laser Processing sensors are available for a variety of workpiece mapping and sensing applications.

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