PG multi-axis laser workcell

Multiaxis laser workcell quickly processes even highly reflective materials.

IPG Photonics’ multi-axis laser workcell is a highly cost-efficient tool for cutting, drilling and welding a wide range of metal components, enclosures and fabrications. Configurable with IPG’s high-efficiency CQ lasers or high peak power QCW lasers, the multi-axis workcell provides fast processing of even highly reflective materials.

Available as either a manual load system or with IPG-designed automated part handling, the multi-axis workcell has applications in the manufacture of medical devices, automotive components, electrical enclosures or any similar metal structures.


Featuring rugged industrial construction, the system is based on a granite table and superstructure for thermal and mechanical stability. High-force linear motors provide precision high-speed XY motion compatible with processing intricate components, with a 300mm travel Z-stage enabling machining of 3D parts. Rotary motion can be applied to any, or each of the primary stage axes, with a process head tilting option also available. The motion and laser processing system is integrated within a Class 1 laser safety enclosure with a laser safe viewing window. Automation is enabled by an industrial CNC controller having a custom Windows-based HMI and software for G- and M-code programming.

Cutting applications benefit from IPG’s wide selection of lasers. With an emission wavelength of 1 μm, fiber lasers’ efficiency in cutting metals is better than CO2 alternatives as the higher beam quality allows for faster cutting of parts or the option of using a lower-power laser. Selecting between the higher-power FLC-30 cutting head or the higher-precision Micro-cutting head allows further optimisation of the systems cutting capabilities.

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