Panel bending redefined – Trumpf

Trumpf’s TruBend Center 5030 panel-bending machine, presented as the perfect complement to its TruBend press-brake product line, can produce positive and negative bends, folds and circular bends with a variety of radii, all while minimising setup times and tooling costs. With a bending length of three metres, the TruBend Center 5030 is a thin-sheet processing specialist. Operators insert the workpiece material against the backgauge and the two-axis part manipulator performs all additional material handling required for bending steps along that edge; the bending tool moves to form each bend. The machine operator then turns the sheet and the process begins again.


A unique design feature is the machine’s additional vertical axis for the part manipulator. Since the part manipulator can fix parts at a range of positions, this axis optimises flexibility and provides for easy removal of parts with downward edges.


With standard tools, the TruBend Center can form aluminium and mild-steel sheets to 3mm thick and stainless-steel sheets to 2,3mm. Possibilities include short side lengths, deep boxes and small profiles, as well as parts with formed sections, recesses and diverse radii. The machine can also productively process galvanised and painted sheetmetal. To form parts with challenging geometries, such as very small profiles, formed sections near the bending line, flanges or staggered bends, additional blankholders and bending tools are available. The machine’s optical angle assistant ensures accuracy and proves particularly helpful when setting up new parts.

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