OSG’s CC or Control Chip tap series designed specifically for stainless steel

Able to tap stainless steel with water-soluble coolant.

OSG’s CC or Control Chip series is a range of taps that are designed specifically for stainless steel. These taps offer 16mm 2D tapping lengths, Ø 6.8 hole sizes, 8 m/min tapping speeds, and M8 x 1.25 interior thread size.

The CC series is chamfer designed to form the most optimal chip shape for easy evacuation and flute designed to make sure that no chips are congested. Additionally, chip shapes are more stable when flute sizes are small and they work well with the characteristics of stainless steel materials. Another feature of the CC series is that the proven TiN Coating (CC-NEO-SFT) achieves longer tool life.

In order to suit varying user specifications, the CC series offers different tap versions including a blind hole model, through hole models, helicoil models and gas models.

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