OrderFox.com helps shops compete in an online marketplace

OrderFox.com is an online platform for the CNC industry, connecting CNC manufacturers, buyers and their suppliers on a global scale.

The speed and complexity of the CNC business is growing with the progression of digitisation and Industry 4.0. All business processes, horizontal and vertical, are becoming more efficient. For CNC manufacturers and buyers alike, digital networking is becoming an indispensable platform for keeping up within the competitive landscape. The innovative nature of OrderFox.com provides support to businesses by helping them prepare, grow and move towards a more efficient digital future.

One such example is that OrderFox.com provides its users with a large network of contacts for more potential business that they may not have had access to before. At the same time, valuable sector and industry expertise is continuously updated, added and shared by leading industry experts and companies, providing additional growth opportunities and benefits within the network. Quick access to knowledge, market information and suitable business partners has become a crucial success factor in the high-speed Industry 4.0 environment.

OrderFox.com is becoming the world’s largest CNC database providing CNC manufacturers and buyers with new business opportunities. CNC manufacturers can search for and find both local and global CNC jobs for free. Buyers can place CNC jobs on the platform, as well as update and optimise their network of suppliers. OderFox.com is more than just a comprehensive database of CNC manufacturers and buyers.

Both buyers and sellers also receive a wide range of regular reports and analyses, which provide great added value. They include current and future trends, and important facts and figures about the market. This information is invaluable for buyers and CNC manufacturers, as it can provide guidance in making investment decisions with more certainty.

The platform helps shops to find work for unused machines, fulfill customer orders when they unexpectedly reach capacity and expand their customer bases. It also provides a pathway for buyers to help find additional partners and resources on both a local and global scale.

According to the company, the platform is a search engine, like Google, but specifically developed for the CNC industry. CNC manufacturers can use OrderFox.com to search for new jobs on short notice, to outsource jobs, or to search for jobs that meet specific criteria through filter functions. Buyers can quickly find qualified partners on both a local and global scale. The platform enables a company to update and optimise its network of suppliers continuously, creating long-term, reliable and qualified partnerships.

The company says that OrderFox.com is the only global CNC platform of its type. The latest membership numbers from the database shows that by EMO 2017 OrderFox.com had more than 240 000 participants in its community from Europe, Asia and America. During the six days of the trade fair 1 489 companies collected information directly from the OrderFox.com stand.

OrderFox.com’s new Premium Partner Programme is a marketing partnership for machine tool manufacturers, suppliers of automation, suppliers of measurement technology, tool manufacturers, lubricant manufacturers, and also for general service companies in the areas of fleet management, facility management and recruitment.

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