Okuma’s versatile MA-600HII is ideal for heavy duty cutting and high production machining

Horizontal machining center offers a variety of spindles for a wide range of applications.

Okuma’s MA-600HII incorporates powerful, high torque spindle options designed for high volume material removal rates. It’s available with a HSK-A100 20K spindle that boasts 50/55kW power for everything from heavy-duty cutting to fine precision work on aluminium alloys, cast irons and difficult to machine materials.

The MA-600HII allows for steady milling, boring, drilling and tapping of mass production parts to long, continuous cycles for die/mold applications and is ideal for aerospace industry manufacturing.

High efficiency is easily achieved with improved chip flushing and conveyance that keep chips flowing, and a 20 per cent larger coolant tank capacity that allows for longer, continuous runs. The work envelope is one of the largest in its class and provides the flexibility to handle a wide range of work pieces. Flexible manufacturing can be accomplished by adding an automatic pallet changer and multiple pallets, and matrix tool magazines that hold up to 400 tools. The automatic tool changer features an impressive two second tool change time and comes equipped with tool breakage detection.

A left mounted operation panel that has a rotating movable monitor improves operator visibility and a wide, two-step platform makes the spindle and workpiece easily accessible, increasing shop floor productivity.

The MA-600HII is constructed on a 26 000 kilogram frame featuring an integral bed and base with a highly rigid, stepped back column that withstands bending and torsion to easily support rapid travel of large, heavy parts through one of the largest linear way guides in the industry.

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