Okuma’s Multus B300II is a one-saddle multi-tasking CNC lathe

Machine combines lathe, vertical, and horizontal machining operations.

Okuma’s Multus B300II is a one-saddle multi-tasking CNC lathe designed to reduce setup time and machining costs. This multitasking machine offers a variety of operations to improve machining efficiency while offering reliable accuracy and power to keep non-cutting time to a minimum.

Okuma says it’s excellent for machining process-intensive parts, such as those in the aerospace, automotive, oil/energy, medical and construction industries.

It features a compact design, and a highly rigid bed and guideway system to provide powerful, stable machining. The optional W version with sub-spindle enables a part to be handed from one spindle to the other allowing complex parts to be machined on both ends without operator invention. Standard Collision Avoidance reduces operator mistakes in manual, MDI and auto modes. To further enhance efficiency, the base offering has a 40-tool automatic tool changer (ATC), with an optional 60-tool ATC available.

Key features and benefits include:

• 225° B-axis range with 6 000 rpm H1-milling spindle with dual function (L/M)
• H1 dual function spindle head utilises CAPTO-C6 tooling and has a 11/7.5kW PREX milling motor spindle (optional: 10 000 rpm – 15/11kW)
• H1 turret has a 0.001 degree B-axis and compound motion Y-axis for machining flexibility
• Main spindle is equipped with a full contouring C-axis

This multitasking machine is designed with ease of operation in mind and equipped with Okuma’s OSP-P300S control. With single mode operation and superior graphics, novice operators as well as professional machinists will experience a smoother, more effective way of producing parts.

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