Nukon ECO fiber laser cutting machine

Ergonomic and compact, the Nukon Eco Fiber Laser delivers high quality, speed, and reliability without breaking your budget. This standard size machine accommodates sheet sizes of 3 000 by 1 500mm and is equipped with an IPG 1000W or 2000W resonators.

A pallet changer table with hydraulic height adaption carries out loading and unloading of cut parts. Single table, double table and manual table options are offered.

Maximum cutting capacity for mild steel is 0.3mm to 8mm on the 1kW machine and up to 12mm on the 2kW machine. For stainless steel it is 4/6mm, for aluminium 3/4mm and for brass and copper 2/3mm depending whether it is the 1kW or 2kW machine.

Maximum load is 1 000 kilograms, acceleration speed is 1G and axis movement is a 4 axis digital motor system.

NUKON is a manufacturer of metal processing machinery with the company’s main focus now set on the production of fiber laser cutting machines. The company is based in Bursa, Turkey and has representation worldwide.

Other fiber laser machines that Nukon manufactures includes the Vento 315/420 (4,5 and 6 kilowatt), the NF PRO 315/420/620 (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 kilowatt), the Rex 315 PP (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 kilowatt) and the NF PRO-S 820/1020 Extreme that has big dimensions with a side table load.

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