NOVO continues reshaping manufacturing businesses with new features

Continually reinventing the way manufacturing gets done, Kennametal’s NOVO digital process planning system is adding new elements that enrich content and continue streamlining a shop’s processes.

New to NOVO are the following:

• Quoting modified drill sizes
• Improved search engine and channel connections

“In minutes, NOVO can supply a quick quote turnaround on modified standards of solid drills. We’re continuing to add new internal support systems that make finding the right tool even simpler. Just tell us what you’re looking for, customized for the job in front of you, and NOVO can quote it, with expected delivery – fast,” says Katie Richardson, NOVO director of program management.

“We’re always working to improve our search engine. We took the ranking function of NOVO Advise, and applied it to our Product Search so that NOVO can now rank the hundreds of turning inserts by performance and value that fit your tool holder.” Shops can quickly choose the most effective tooling package based on performance, availability, price, or whatever parameters they choose. “Move to the Purchasing feature in NOVO, and customers can connect with their distributors for ease of purchase,” Richardson adds.


NOVO combines tens of thousands of tools with almost 90 years of process knowledge in a powerful, cloud-enabled digital knowledge stream that interfaces with CAM packages, presetters, and a growing number of technology providers. Responding to user questions, NOVO defines machining sequences, selects and ranks the best tools, builds assemblies, downloads CAD graphic models for simulations and process planning, and obtains application parameters including speed and feed recommendations and inventory availability, all in minutes.

Tooling recommendations can be further optimised for a customer’s specific machines and conditions.

“NOVO is creating new work habits that will result in new expectations for how products are created. Open platforms such as NOVO keep winning in the marketplace because they make it easy for companies to do exactly that – rethink how work gets done and then go out and do it. This is real excitement for a new generation of makers,” said Richardson.

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