Nikon Altera CMM series

Nikon Metrology has developed the Altera range of bridge co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for shop-floor metrology. Altera CMMs are available in three probing configurations: the Essential series, the Optimum series and the Ultimate series. Each configuration offers a different level of functionality to suit a variety of metrology applications.

With a range of motorised and manual probe heads and accessories, the Altera Essential series touch-trigger probe CMMs are suitable for general measurement and inspection applications.


The Altera Optimum series five-axis CMMs are available with the PH20 infinite positioning touch-trigger probe head, and have been optimised around four key requirements for measuring complex internal geometry: productivity, probe access, accuracy and best use of the CMM volume.

Providing a combination of productivity and flexibility, the Altera Ultimate series of multi-sensor-ready CMMs is both touch-trigger probe and scanning probe ready. Its scanning function provides a more complete and detailed insight, while dimensional deviation is displayed graphically.

Key features and benefits

• The Altera CMMs are available in seven sizes ranging from small to medium and with various measuring volumes.
• Each CMM has key structural components made from ceramic, which helps to provide the best possible stiffness-to-weight ratio, a greater resistance to temperature shifts and long-term dimensional stability.
• Passive anti-vibration and fully enclosed covers protect the guideways from contamination and accidental damage.
• Two software options are available with Altera: CMM-Manager and Camio. CMM-Manager features intelligent path planning with real-time workpiece and probe simulation.
• Nikon Metrology non-contact laser scanners can be added to the Altera Ultimate series.

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