New Widia M200 series of indexable milling cutters

The new Widia M200 series of indexable milling cutters is now available from Widatech for linear ramping, helical interpolation, pocketing and profile milling operations.

The new milling line features double-sided round carbide inserts with up to 12 effective cutting edges to improve economy and reduce tooling costs, whilst significantly improving productivity.

For high feed machining with confidence, the new Widia M200 has an anti-rotation feature for excellent stability when milling at high feed rates. Additionally, the innovative pocket design makes it simple to index the inserts with high levels of repeatability. Added to this, the cutter body is supplied with allocated markings for each insert seat, which guarantees correct alignment of the insert in the pocket.


The cutter bodies have been developed with a high clearance design that has impressive rigidity characteristics whilst giving the M200 the flexibility to conduct a raft of pocketing, profiling, 3-axis and 5-axis machining operations that include linear ramping and helical interpolation. This makes the new Widia milling line suitable for everything from rough to semi-finish cutting in face milling, shoulder milling, pocketing, and profiling applications. The flexibility of the new line means it is particularly well suited to complex applications such as turbine blade machining and difficult applications in the mould and die industry.

The cutter body of the M200 is available as a screw on type, cylindrical end mill type, shell mill or a Weldon type. The screw-on tool body is offered with a maximum diameter from 25 to 42mm with 25 to 32mm being available for the cylindrical and Weldon tools. For end users with larger surface areas that demand high material removal rates, the shell mill is offered in diameters from 30 to 125mm.

The inserts for the M200 are available in 10, 12 or 16mm IC sizes with eight cutting edges on the 10mm insert and 12 edges on the 12 and 16mm designations. To provide effective machining of a broad spectrum of materials, the inserts are available with ML geometry for machining stainless steel and high temperature alloys, MM geometry for general purpose applications and MH geometry for heavy applications on cast iron and high strength steel.

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