New round insert cutter for difficult-to-cut materials – Mitsubishi Materials ARP series of round insert milling tools

For machining difficult-to-cut materials with a high level of accuracy and efficiency, Mitsubishi Materials has now launched its new ARP series of round insert milling tools.

The ARP series has been developed for the machining of stainless steels as well as titanium alloys and other heat resistant alloy materials that are commonplace in the aerospace and power generation industries. Under test conditions, the impressive new ARP series has delivered tool life improvements of over 40%, efficiency improvements up to 20% and cutting force reductions of 16% when compared to other products.


These significant gains have been achieved by developing an extremely accurate insert seat that realises minimal change of run-out accuracy when indexing the inserts. Furthermore, the ARP delivers an exceptionally strong seating configuration that has a two side location face to prevent inserts from moving during cutting.

Strong clamping system
This robust positioning is complemented by an innovative insert geometry design that has a special rake face on each quadrant of the inserts to generate smooth chip flow and reduce cutting resistance. This development creates an even chip flow whereas conventional inserts compress the chips toward the centre of the insert. When these features are combined with the course, fine and super fine pitch cutter bodies, increases in efficiency beyond 20% can be realised.


To suit a diverse range of machining applications, ARP are available with cutter bodies that include an arbor type in diameters 40, 42, 50, 52, 63, 66, 80 and 100mm. These bodies offer course, fine and super fine insert pitches with a choice of 4 to 11 insert seats per tool depending upon the diameter. For machining smaller surface areas and intricate forms, Mitsubishi has also launched a shank type that is available in standard and long lengths for processing difficult to reach cavities and forms. These standard and long reach tool bodies are offered in diameters 25, 32, 40 and 50mm with two to five insert seats to meet a vast range of machining applications. In addition, screw-in type tool bodies in diameters 25, 32 and 40 are also available.


To enable end users to maximise the potential of this ARP line, Mitsubishi has adapted three high performance insert grades. The new MC7020 CVD coated designation is available for machining stainless steels over prolonged periods. This grade achieves outstanding tool life and consistency that is credit to its cemented carbide substrate and is coated with a TiCN base that extends tool life when machining a wide variety of stainless steels. This base is then coated with a micro grain Al2O3 that further improves the wear resistance. This final layer is an ultra smooth coating that prevents abnormal damage such as weld chipping.


For the machining of heat resistant alloys, Mitsubishi is offering its PVD coated MP7100 and MP9100 insert grades. With multiple coating layers, these grades stabilise machining performance and prevent cracks and edge chipping from penetrating through to the substrate. This extends tool life and consistency on particularly difficult materials. In addition, the respective insert grades are offered with three individual chipbreakers that focus on edge sharpness through to uncompromising edge strength. The variety of geometries enable the end user to apply the ARP series to everything from precision finish machining through to medium machining applications and even heavy interrupted cutting.

Multitrade Distributors
Multitrade Distributors is a wholly owned South African company that supplies tungsten carbide cutting tools as well as holding tools to the engineering and manufacturing industries.

Founded in Port Elizabeth in 1983, the main objective of the company is to introduce and maintain total tooling solutions to these Industries. Since inception Multitrade Distributors has been the sole distributor for Mitsubishi Carbide products in the Southern African regions, and later introduced various other product offerings to its range, such as SsangYong Ceramic Cutting Tools, NT TOOL Corp, KOMET Group, ARNO Werkzeuge and Kintek.



The company head office is situated in Johannesburg with branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. They service other areas through a network of smaller distributors outside the reach of the branch offices. Multitrade Distributors pride themselves in the quality brands that they represent. The level of expertise of their management and staff is their biggest asset, which includes the full backing of their technical applications department providing guidance from basic tooling requirements to full CNC programming in many disciplines, including turnkey projects.

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