New products from ATA Garryson and Bulldog Abrasives

New oil free pencil grinder – The SPT100R
ATA Garryson have announced the latest addition to their comprehensive range of pneumatic air tools – the SPT series oil free pencil grinder. The SPT100R Pencil Grinder has been designed to include an innovative propulsion motor operating at 100 000rpm, perfectly suited to 3mm miniature tungsten carbide burs. This allows for higher peripheral bur speeds resulting in improved control, greater precision and a superior finish.

The unique motor design contains no vanes, rotor or cylinder, minimising maintenance and repair costs. No lubrication is required eliminating contamination of the work piece. Also available is a replacement motor that can be quickly and easily installed, minimising tool downtime.

High performance burs with the new Inox and steel ranges
ATA Garryson have also recently launched a comprehensive range of Inox and steel burs that are specially designed to suit growing market demands for stainless and cast steel applications.



These new burs offer a real competitive advantage thanks to their new cut performance allowing for a greater stock removal on all austenitic, rust and acid-resistant steels.

The bur’s unique geometry enables the operator to work more efficiently through the generation of less heat at the intersection of the cutting edge and work piece.

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