New offerings for RhinoRush – TaeguTec

Due to the huge success of the RhinoRush family of tools, TaeguTec has announced the addition of a new line of inserts and holders to the RhinoRush family.

RhinoRush, which is known for its smaller more robust double-sided design, is introducing a “V” type 1304 insert that enables excellent chip breaking performance on a range of turning applications.

The VNMX 1304 chip breaker is now available in FS, FG, FM, MK, PC and MT types.


The new range of holders includes improved clamping systems that enhance rigidity and stability required in high MRR operations. The improved clamping systems cover hook lever, T-holder and screw type holders.

The new VNMX 1304 insert line, coupled with the holder’s clamping systems and extended turning range provides end-users in external turning and boring applications the same productivity and economy now enjoyed by current RhinoRush customers.

YNMG 1304 insert
TaeguTec has announced the expansion of the RhinoRush line with the introduction of a new geometry, the YNMG 1304 insert.

The newly launched YNMG 1304 insert is designed with a 25 degree geometry shape enabling several profile and groove machining applications under 35 degrees, as well as uninterrupted undercut machining applications.

Available as standard items, the YNMG 1304 FS chip breaker has a sharp cutting edge and wide shape appropriate for finish machining with excellent chip control ability.

Additionally, the new YNMG 1304 inserts are interchangeable with the recently launched VNMX 1304 insert’s holders.

The idea behind the RhinoRush line is to introduce a series of mini tuning inserts that meet the manufacturing industry’s needs of reduced machining costs and competitiveness while keeping an eye on the environment. The smaller size, combined with its unique rigid clamping has been instrumental for many a revolution on the shopfloor and has led to immense savings for customers, according to TaeguTec.

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