New Hurco control with adjustable keypad, remote jog options

“Maximum usability is the foundation of the new MAX5 control from Hurco,” said Maggie Smith, Marketing Manager for Hurco Companies, Inc. “The numerous ergonomic features are a testament to the collaborative relationship we share with our customers who tested preliminary designs of MAX5, and gave their feedback during usability tests we hosted during the development process. We incorporated more than 80 changes based on those tests, which is why we say that the MAX5 control was designed and built for machinists: customer refined and customer approved.”

Key features of the Hurco MAX5 control include a keypad that is adjustable up to 90° and a 19″ LCD screen with touchscreen navigation that includes a second folding auxiliary screen with die-cast stainless hinges, which is standard on most models in the company’s 65-model lineup.

The verification graphics screen has been redesigned so the machinist can customize which information appears: full-screen verification graphics, digital readout (DRO) or both. “The new full-screen DRO or Mini-DRO can be selected instead of the graphics screen to best suit the task at hand, be it programming, machining or concurrent operations,” said Smith.

“Additionally, the new Quick Menu minimises multiple button presses so the machinist can quickly access the information needed.”

The Hurco MAX5 control has three remote jog options: standard, LCD and LCD wireless. The LCD units allow the machinist to set up tools and parts from the remote jog unit. All jog units feature a large 70mm hand wheel with finger cup spinner, graspable over molded body, integrated flashlight, magnetic base and T-slot tongue.


“In addition to the ergonomic design of the control, intuitive navigation and three remote jog unit options, Hurco has included new WinMax software features that will make customers more productive and more profitable whether they use conversational programming on the shop floor or Industry Standard NC,” said Smith.

“One of the new WinMax software features of the MAX5 control is AdaptiPath, a conversational pocketing feature used in high-end CAD/CAM packages that increases metal removal rates, supports rest machining, reduces cycle time and extends tool life due to controlled engagement cutting. AdaptiPath creates a smooth tool path motion, controls chip load, provides constant tool engagement and also includes rest machining. With rest machining, larger diameter tools can be used to efficiently remove material, followed by a rest machining pass that uses a smaller cutter to access the areas of the feature that the larger tool could not access. The faster material removal significantly reduces cycle time, especially for pocketing applications. Our test cut results showed that AdaptiPath was 60% faster: 02:21 with AdaptiPath compared to 06:09 without it.”

“The Hurco MAX5 is also equipped with features that benefit NC shops, such as the new Job List feature that lets users group files together and run them sequentially without operator intervention. Job List promotes automation, lights-out machining, program stitching, file bundling and adaptive processes.”

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