New era for DMG MORI – aims to be number 1 in the world

“The goal of “Global One“ is to combine DMG MORI Company Limited and DMG MORI Aktiengesellschaft into a globally integrated machine tool company. More than 12,000 associates in our production facilities around the world and our 164 international Technology Centers and service locations are currently working hard at making us number 1 in the world for our customers,” says Dr. Ing. Masahiko Mori, President of DMG MORI Company Limited in a statement on the company’s website.

“We guarantee you stability and continuity in our partnership with you, our customers and suppliers. Our goal is to refocus our efforts in new areas together with you: “global one“ stands for forward-looking innovations in machines, DMG MORI components, software solutions and lifecycle services. It stands for top quality, from production to customer-oriented total solutions and for a new dimension in technologies and processes, right up to automation and digitisation in the age of Industry 4.0.”

“Our objective is to promote the wide range of global skills and expand the regional strengths of our production facilities. The Pfronten and Seebach, Germany facilities are particularly good examples of this, as plants leading the way with the fascinating 5-axis complete machining.”


Dr. Ing. Masahiko Mori, President DMG MORI Company Limited with Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board DMG MORI Aktiengesellschaft

“Bielefeld and Iga will continue to collaborate closely on advancing the universal turning and turn and mill technologies. And the Bergamo, Italy site will be focusing on production and automated turning in the future as well. In addition, we are relying on the strengths of our Excellence Centers in Nara, Japan for the automotive industry and in Pfronten, Germany for the aerospace industry.”

“Our status as an integrated machine tool manufacturer means that we will be continuing to innovate into the future in ways that will benefit you. Benefiting our customers is always at the forefront for us. And above all, our goal is to listen to you and create solutions to meet your needs. In addition to machines and select DMG MORI components, we will be placing integrated technologies and process solutions at the forefront.”

“Digitisation is a key topic for us for the future. We are expanding our APP-based CELOS® control and operating software to a digitisation platform. We have the technologies and products we need for Industry 4.0 and the necessary process know-how to go along with them. With CELOS®, we are already offering our customers the key to networked intelligent production. Select partners now have the new and easy option of integrating their own CELOS® APPs. The latest Ultrasonic and Lasertec technologies already offer a wide variety of different options today. We are focusing, in particular, on further enhancing additive manufacturing, and are concentrating our efforts in this on metallic materials.”

“As for the area of quality, we will be continuing to advance our “Quality First” strategy. A consistent approach to quality is being implemented across the board in our globally integrated company. The evolution of the Ecoline to the new CLX and CMX Series is an example of this. Designed as attractive standard machines for the global market, this line places the entire bandwidth of technological performance, as well as DMG MORI’s complete control and automation know-how, at the disposal of the user. We now supply the Heidenhain control for the CMX V. We will never overlook you, our loyal customers!”

“We have completely reworked our service and spare parts prices. Our 5 Service Promise is designed to meet your high demands for quality of service – and to do so at reasonable prices and at a best price guarantee.”

“We are convinced that you, our customers, suppliers and business partners will benefit from our further consolidation into a “Global One“ company. It is thanks to you that we have become what we are today. Together with you, we will shape the future. That’s why we are asking you to get in touch with us. Your feedback is important.”