New ChaseHepta lowers the force to increase productivity

Positive multi corners milling line ideal choice of low powered machines.

With the increasing popularity of small machining centers, TaeguTec has launched a new single-sided, positive seven-corner insert line that generates less cutting force.

As the new offering in TaeguTec’s milling line, the ChaseHepta insert generates low cutting force, achieves smooth machining and greater economy due to its seven corner and helical cutting edges.

Additionally, the ChaseHepta’s higher insert thickness means better resistance to shock and breakage; a feature that makes this tool overcome the primary weakness of single-sided positive inserts.

The new line is available in two geometries; the “M” type for steel and cast iron and the “ML” type for stainless steel and difficult-to-cut materials.

The line’s cutters have a 45 degree entering angle, a 3.2mm maximum depth of cut and an 18 degree axial rake angle that lowers the cutting forces during machining.

Also, the ChaseHepta cutters are designed with an acute angle pocket for rigid clamping and have an interference free structure for side cutting or helical ramping.

They are available in end-mills (D32-50mm) as well as face mill types (D32-125mm) covering not only general face milling as well as with ramping and profiling, proving its advantage as a multipurpose tool.

During the testing phase of both chip breakers, ChaseHepta outlasted the competition. On stainless steel, TaeguTec recorded a tool life increase of 43 per cent when the ChaseHepta “ML” chip breaker was applied versus a leading competitor’s similar offering while tests on cast iron using the “M” chip breaker recorded increases of 100 per cent to 150 per cent increase in tool life, claims TaeguTec.

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