New ceramic grades for high temperature alloy machining – TaeguTec

The demand for cutting tools to increase productivity and cut the cost of machining high temperature alloys is always increasing, that is why TaeguTec has launched two new SiAlON ceramic grades – the TC3020 and TC3030 – that offer superior performance.

Both the TC3020 and TC3030 ceramic grades are suitable for high temperature alloy machining where difficult-to-cut materials such as Inconel, rene and titanium are used. These ceramic grades are characterised by their excellent toughness and anti-chipping capabilities making them the best choice for both interrupted and continuous machining.

With the introduction of both these grades, the Asian metalworking giant has gone a step further by supplying even more optimal solutions for machining high temperature alloys than its current whisker ceramic grade. The new grades are available for insert lines in turning, milling and grooving applications.

The TC3020 is ideal for high temperature alloy machining and runs in the same conditions as the whisker ceramic grade. Its superior wear resistance is due to its high stability while it offers better flank and notch wear resistance compared to the competitor’s similar grade. Furthermore, the TC3020 has excellent high temperature strength and fracture toughness.

The other new offering, the TC3030, is also created to handle high temperature alloys with the difference being that the grade’s extreme toughness enables it more for higher feed and heavier depth of cut machining and is suitable for scaling and roughing applications while offering excellent thermal shock resistance and thermal conductivity.

By combining silicon nitride and aluminium oxide, TaeguTec’s SiAlON grade offers chemical stability in order to reduce notch wear in demanding operations and has the capability to run at four to six times the speed of conventional carbide inserts. Product testing in real-world machining conditions demonstrated increases in productivity and tool life.

While performing a continuous grooving operation on an engine casing made from Inconel 718, the TC3020 grade’s productivity increased by 40 per cent over the competitor’s similar ceramic grade, claims TaeguTec.

For an engine casing made from the same Inconel 718 with external interrupted turning and interrupted grooving operations, TaeguTec’s TC3030 increased tool life by 23 per cent and 56 per cent respectively, says TaeguTec.

The biggest improvement over the competition was on a rene 108 material, the TC3030 performed incredibly well on a face milling operation of a shroud workpiece when it increased tool life by 100 per cent, claims TaeguTec.

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