Modular heads for changeable end mill system

Tungaloy Corp. has expanded its TungMeister changeable-head endmill system. The latest addition involves a new modular head line of TungForce-Rec, miniature shoulder milling cutter series.

TungForce-Rec features a V-shaped insert, designed to avoid insert movement under high centrifugal force, while delivering excellent machining reliability even when used at a high metal removal rate, according to the company.

The insert’s large rake angle ensures a light cutting action, while the obtuse-angled flank face of the insert strengthens the cutting edge and avoids chipping. The cutter body design allows for far more compact and sturdy pockets than other cutters with flat-bottom inserts, claims the Tungaloy. Therefore, a larger core diameter is retained in the given small tool diameter, making TungForce-Rec a perfect miniature shoulder mill with incomparable rigidity for shouldering, slotting, 3D profiling, and various other applications.

TungForce-Rec inserts feature a maximum 6mm depth of cut and are available in three different grades for a wide range of materials. Tool diameters are available from 8mm to 16mm.

Characterised by a highly rigid body structure and unique insert design, TungForce-Rec ensures reliable, high precision miniature shoulder milling in a wide range of materials. Now the TungMeister changeable head system has a lineup of TungForce-Rec modules. The indexable endmill system features secure coupling with minimal bending at the flange and tapered shank contacts. An optimal tool shank selection is possible from the standard shank material lineups of cemented carbide, steel, and vibration damping pure tungsten.

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