Mitsubishi Materials MS6015 – New insert grade for turning small parts

To improve performance when conducting small part machining, Mitsubishi Materials has now introduced a new insert grade to its comprehensive precision turning line-up. Ideal for sliding head turning centers and intricate machining, the new MS6015 grade is the insert of choice for carbon and free cutting steels.

The new PVD coated carbide grade combines a special carbide substrate with a newly developed PVD coating that significantly improves wear resistance for prolonged tool life that meets the demands of manufacturers conducting long series machining and lights-out production. Unlike conventional TiAlN grades, the new MS6015 utilises an innovative TiCN multi-layered coating with hardness beyond 3000HV. This new layer technology delivers superior wear and welding resistance to provide the best possible machining results.

Furthermore, the new MS6015 has an extremely low coefficient of friction that prevents edge build-up and guarantees that swarf flows smoothly away from the cutting area. By ensuring that chips are discharged effectively, customers will witness significantly improved productivity, tool life and performance whilst having the confidence that swarf will not become entangled and be guided away from the machined components.

Mitsubishi Materials has also developed this impressive new grade with a minus corner radius tolerance to ensure precision corner geometry on workpieces. The minus tolerance is available with designations 01M, 02M and 04M that have a precision corner radii of 0.08mm, 0.18mm and 0.38mm respectively. The new grade has been launched with three chipbreakers that accommodate the diverse demands of modern applications. The R-SS chipbreaker has been specified for light machining operations on automatic turning centers. The parallel chipbreaker provides exceptional chip control when machining at low feed rates whilst the R-SN breaker focuses on the needs of low to medium feed rates.

For more versatile back-turning and copy turning, the SMG chipbreaker incorporates a 3D moulded breaker that provides an extremely sharp cutting action with unsurpassed chip control when undertaking long production runs. Capable of machining at speeds below 150m/min with feed rates up to 0.15mm/rev, the 7-degree positive inserts are currently available in CCGT and DCGT designations.

The combination of an innovative geometry, grade and coating composition has been proven to extend tool life from 30 to 60% depending upon the application. Added to this, the new MS6015 has confirmed improved component precision and insert tool life far exceeding the performance of alternate product lines.

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