Mitsubishi Materials’ FMAX high feed milling cutter

Machining of cast aluminium components such as oil pumps, which require an exacting surface finish due to metal to metal sealing face when the oil pump body and cover are assembled, demands precision tools.

In the case of the oil pump, this was made possible by using Mitsubishi’s new FMAX six-tooth fine pitched milling cutter, developed specially for this particular application.


A special alloy steel and aluminium body in the FMAX cutter combine to provide rigidity and light weight. The new high feed finish milling cutter FMAX offers super efficient machining through the adoption of an ultra-fine pitch tooth design. This helps to achieve high efficiency machining of F≧20m/min (tool diameter 125mm, 24 teeth, when machining a non-ferrous metal such as aluminium alloy). FMAX delivers efficiency when machining and is especially effective for high feed machining of automotive parts.

Features of the insert series for steel turning
• The Body Protector on the rake face forms chip shapes ideal for disposal and disperses them away from the body. Internal coolant also aids this process.
• A special alloy steel and aluminium body combines to provide rigidity and light weight. Also with an anti-fly dovetail clamping mechanism.
• The combination of both a large and micro screw provides precise run-out adjustment and for adjusting new or re-ground inserts (5ɥm or better).

An additional benefit is the ease of use with regards to the pre-setting of the tool. The setting is easier and much more accurate because of the integrated coarse and fine adjustment screws on the FMAX. The axial height tolerance requires each tooth to be set within 4μm but can easily achieve a runout accuracy of only 1 or 2μm. As well as the obvious benefits of better results in production that this accuracy provides, the ease of adjustment saves considerable time.



The FMAX body and inserts are produced in Japan.

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