Mitsubishi M800 EDM control displays various information in a single view

The M800 EDM control is included with Mitsubishi wire EDMs to increase productivity and help keep track of production jobs. The control uses rotational and tilting functionality while providing job monitoring and important information in a single view. A touch screen enables the user to swipe, pinch and tap to view.

The processable data available with this control ensures transparency in all production stages and the navigation interface is designed to provide smooth and easy operation so that production jobs can be completed quickly and accurately.

Additionally, the control enables the user to analyse machine profitability and see reserves to optimise processes and boost efficiency. Diagrams depict operating costs and output, and operating material statuses and maintenance cycles can be called up at a touch.

Currently, the MV1200-S, MV1200-R, MV2400-S and MV2400-R Advance wire EDM models feature the control. The company is also working on incorporating this technology into its laser machines.

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