Mitsubishi-Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd to market products under the name Moldino

Having successfully acquired a majority shareholding of Hitachi Tool Engineering Ltd and the subsequent renaming of the company as Mitsubishi-Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd the company has now announced that in future it will market its products under the name of Moldino. According to the company the new name represents technology that thoroughly applies in the service of people and goods, technology that values the accumulation of results and technology that brings marvels and smiles.

Mitsubishi Materials (MMC) of Japan acquired a 51% shareholding in Hitachi Tool Engineering Ltd, a leading Japanese cemented carbide cutting tool and wear part manufacturer in April 2015. Hitachi Tool Engineering Ltd was a division of Hitachi Metals Ltd and Hitachi Metals retains the remaining 49% shareholding.

According to the announcement at the time production of carbide tools by Hitachi Tool became part of MMC’s Advanced Materials & Tools Division and the acquisition was expected to help MMC achieve a 10% share or higher of the global carbide tool market.

The new indexable milling tool TD4N

The Advanced Materials & Tools Business conducts its business in two primary categories; cemented carbide products and sintered parts. The cemented carbide products department provides an extensive lineup of cutting tools used in processes including lathe turning, milling, and drilling, as well as abrasion-resistant tools and construction tools.

Hitachi Tool specialises in the production of carbide tools for a variety of difficult-to-cut materials and complicated shape products for power generation equipment, aerospace materials and other applications. Prior to the acquisition by MMC Hitachi Tool had been concentrating on the mould and die industry for over a decade and now offers a tool range which covers the entire process chain.

It was stated that Hitachi Tool will benefit from MMC’s considerable global sales network, and will also be able to take advantage of MMC’s raw material procurement, integrated supply chain and recycling network.

MMC Hitachi Tool Engineering is now one of Japan’s leading tool manufacturers of end mills and drilling tools. The company’s business has been focused on tool and mould construction for decades, developing a considerable tool range that covers the entire process chain. With over 70 application engineers operating, the company has more than 30 years of experience in the European die and mould industry.

In times of high time and cost pressure in the die and mould industry, MMC Hitachi Tool’s Production50 manufacturing concept and the in-house developed TAR database with over 15 000 reference reports, are dedicated to meet the customer’s challenge for shorter process times and more efficient machining methods. MMC Hitachi Tool offers innovative tool technologies and individual service to meet these high demands.

A recent product announcement has been the launch of the new indexable milling tool TD4N, an extension of the proven range of high feed cutting tools. TD4N are the newly developed high-feed geometry and the double faced, 4 corner inserts for economic machining. The special cutting edge geometry optimises chip formation and minimises undesired residual material for subsequent operations. As a result the TD4N ensures a high process reliability with smooth machining, low costs per cutting edge and a long and stable tool life.

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