Mitsubishi Electric Wire Cut EDM series with tubular shaft motor

At the heart of the Mitsubishi Electric’s Wire Cut EDM machines is a new drive concept based on combining tubular shaft motors with a fibre optic control system.

The high precision, machining accuracy and outstanding performance of the EDM machines sets them apart from others in their class, while energy savings of up to 42% can be expected. Furthermore, considerable cost savings are achieved through reduced consumption of wires, filters and ion exchange resins, while wear and maintenance have also been minimised.


In its Wire Cut EDM series, Mitsubishi Electric uses innovative tubular shaft motors as axis drives. These motors ensure smooth and highly controllable movements without ‘cogging’. Their control is based on an equally innovative optical network which enables high speed communication between the individual machine components, and thus faster and more efficient operation.

The automatic wire threading function has also been optimised. The “intelligent auto-threading” system operates reliably and quickly not only when re-threading a submerged hole, but also when threading the kerf or discontinued initial holes.

The centre-piece of all Mitsubishi Electric Wire Cut EDM series machines is a sophisticated generator that produces a highly optimised discharge control. The machine’s designers even analysed the dielectric fluid jet flow and improved its performance significantly.

Mitsubishi Electric has also managed to enhance the user-friendliness of its machines. A new simple direct programming solution reduces the number of instructions needed, while functions such as remote control, remote diagnosis and active status messages are also provided. Remote control can even be via an iPad.


To aid users further, the control screen has in its memory a database of all the common questions and answers related to EDM operations. Mitsubishi Electric also offers a telephone hotline support service for EDM users.

Conserving resources
In recent years, machine developers have put energy saving at the top of their agenda and Mitsubishi Electric has developed new strategies to reduce energy consumption through the tubular shaft motors and optical drive system. Functions which are not needed are automatically switched off in an intelligent and effective manner. New features include “sleep mode” management and an energy-saving, inverter-controlled pump system.

Further helping to protect the environment, the improved generator technology provides faster voltage build-up that enables the spark duration and working voltage to be lowered, which leads to improved surface quality and reduced energy costs. This also helps to considerably prolong the useful life of the filter and noticeably reduces the consumption of ion exchanger resin. The optimised wire running speeds are just as beneficial, cutting wire consumption by up to 45% compared to conventional wire-cut EDMs – less wire consumption means reduced CO2 emissions as well as reduced operating costs.

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