Megafab Piranha hydraulic ironworkers

Features such as urethane stripping, automatic shear hold-downs, quick change tooling, low blade rake angles, and six standard work stations, coupled with its ergonomic design and clear lines of sight to all tools, including shear blades, are some of the features that Megafab Piranha hydraulic ironworkers boast about.

Piranha Single Operator Ironworkers include a complete punching attachment with stripper,10 punch and die sets appropriate to machine tonnage, a set of round bar knives – 2-way, two chip buckets, extra oil filter element, coupling wrench and integral lifting lug system for instant portability.

Single Operator Ironworkers are available in P-50, P-65, P-90, P-110 and P-140 models.


The P-65 has standard workstations such as punching, bending, bar shear, angle shear, round bar shear, and an integrated coper/notcher. The P-65 also has a dovetail slide that allows an operator to switch from punching to bending in just a few seconds.

Furthermore, the P-65 has full electrical control of its stroke with a footswitch and limit switch stroke controls – this, coupled with urethane strippers and more horsepower per ton, gives the P-65 a fast punching stroke.


The no slug-loss shearing saves material, keeps the machine area cleaner, and offers larger material capacity. A wide variety of optional tooling is available to enhance the P-65’s capabilities.

Piranha’s incomparable integrated coper/notcher station allows you to notch from thick to thin, remove the full leg from angle iron, shave even the smallest piece from the end of the work piece, and maintain total control of the part – from any angle.

Piranha Single Operator Ironworkers are capable of performing most applications. However, when two simultaneous operations are required (e.g. punching and notching), a dual operator ironworker fits the bill.



MegaFab is the parent company for Piranha, Bertsch, and Whitney. The Piranha brand includes ironworkers, press brakes and shears, the Bertsch comprises bending rolls while the Whitney covers a comprehensive line of cutting and forming equipment for the metal plate fabrication market including lasers, plasma, plasma/punch, presses, shears and coper-notcher-benders.

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