Mecad launches SolidWorks 2018

Dassault Systèmes recently announced the launch of SolidWorks 2018, the latest release of its portfolio of 3D design and engineering applications. SolidWorks 2018 features an integrated, end-to-end solution for the design to manufacturing process that enables businesses of any size to rethink their approach to how parts and products are made and quickly bring innovative ideas to market in today’s experience economy.

Freek van der Berg and Colin Sampson of Mecad Systems with Detlev Borner of Walter Meano Engineering

Powered by Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform, SolidWorks 2018 supports a business’ complete design through manufacturing strategy with solutions that simplify the interactions between disciplines across the product development workflow. This unified process leverages smart manufacturing – a connected and seamless flow of data that is available to all teams involved in product development whenever, wherever and in whatever format is needed without having to port data from one system to another.

“Lots of designs involve welding plate and sheet metal parts and most people use ‘tab and slot’ techniques for self-fixturing the parts for welding,” said Edson Gebo, Owner, Digital Detail & Design.

“The new tab and slot feature saves a lot of time versus having to create these features manually. This will really help get designs to the shop faster.”

Jochie Lombard and Gerhard van der Westhuizen, both of ThermoFisher Scientific

Bennie Vosloo, Jaco Viviers, Gregory Mumford, Tyron Greve, Michael Blackman and Stuart Kirkman, all of Centurion Systems

In today’s marketplaces, competition is fierce and consumer loyalty is nurtured by businesses that can create compelling experiences that go beyond simply purchasing or using a product. While this inspires businesses to innovate in all aspects of their operations in order to thrive, obsolete organisational structures, processes and tools separate the design and manufacturing aspects of product development and can lead to mistakes impacting collaboration, schedules and budgets.

With SolidWorks 2018, teams can collaborate concurrently to more rapidly and cost-efficiently design a product or part, validate its function and manufacturability, manage its data and related processes, streamline and automate its manufacturing, and inspect it. Any changes in design or manufacturing are fast and easy to manage and automatically flow to all related models, programmes, drawings and documentation, thanks to intellectual property embedded early on in the design process.

Robert Pereira of Mecad, Zack Nel of McWade Productions, Rico Van Niekerk of Osborn Engineered Products and Riaan Truscott of B&E International

Carel Wilken, Herman Engelbrecht, Marcus Hoffmann, Dirk Van der Bank and Vania Betcheva, all from Saab Grintek Defence

SolidWorks CAM
A key feature of SolidWorks 2018 for this process is SolidWorks CAM, a new application that provides rules-based machining with knowledge capture to allow for the automation of manufacturing programming. Designers and engineers can gain a greater understanding of how their designs are made, make more informed decisions, and quickly create prototype parts and manufacture in-house to control quality, cost and delivery. This application also enables teams to execute new “build to order” strategies with custom parts that are automatically designed and programmed in seconds rather than hours.

“A successful consumer experience must have a well-designed product at its core and an efficient way to produce it. SolidWorks 2018 brings more than just a smarter approach to manufacturing parts or products, it helps businesses translate imagination into innovation and build ecosystems,” said Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO, SolidWorks, Dassault Systèmes.

Jade Johnston, Carli Hattingh, Silas Mehlape and Jaco van Genderen, all of Regent Lighting

JG Du Toit and Stefan du Plessis, both of TLT Mechcal with Adriaan Graaff and Wessel Els, both of Profection Manufacturing

“As with past releases, many of SolidWorks 2018’s new tools and enhancements respond to the SolidWorks community’s insight and feedback, equipping them with more power and capabilities to bring great designs to manufacturing faster, with higher quality and at lower costs. Over the next few months, we will roll out additional end-to-end process solutions aimed to help the community further improve its business outcomes.”

Mecad Systems, SolidWorks’ resellers in South Africa for the last 25 years, held one-day seminars around the country to launch SolidWorks 2018. Below are some of the delegates that attended the Gauteng seminar.

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