Mazak debuts five new vertical machining centers at EMO 2017

Four new vertical machining centers made their world debuts on the Yamazaki Mazak stand at EMO 2017, while a further machine was exhibited in Europe for the first time.

One of the stand-out machines on display will be the VTC 800/30SR, a UK-built machine capable of full 5-axis contouring equipped, for the first time, with SmoothX CNC. The machine, which is aimed at the general subcontracting, aerospace and automotive markets, has a vertical travelling column construction, ideally suited to the machining of extremely long and heavy workpieces.

One of the stand-out machines on display was the VTC 800/30SR, a UK-built machine capable of full 5-axis contouring equipped, for the first time, with SmoothX CNC

Maximum productivity is provided by the high-speed 18 000 rpm 35kW (50% ED) milling spindle. The spindle head incorporates a swiveling B-axis, which in conjunction with the NC rotary table, offers full 5-axis simultaneous machining. The Mazak NC rotary table offers further versatility with vertical or horizontal mounting options on either the left or right side of the machine. Accuracy and repeatability for both rotary axes are assured by a backlash-free roller gear cam design. Maximum flexibility is achieved with an optional center partition, which enables the long machine table to be transformed into two separate work areas.

A world debut at EMO for the VCN-530C, a UK-built vertical machining center powered by a high-speed 18 000 rpm milling spindle

The VTC 800/20SR is equipped with a Sinumerik 840D SL control, for those machine users who have standardised their operations on Siemens control. The 800/20SR is equipped with an 18 000 rpm 44.4kW (S6-25%) main spindle and delivers rapid traverse rates of 50m/min in the XYZ-axes. Like its sister machine, the 800/30SR, it comes equipped with an automatic tool changer with 30 tools as standard.

The final VTC series machine that made its world debut was the VTC-760C, equipped with Siemens 828D control. The travelling column design provides optimum machining flexibility including a dual load configuration. The machine is compact with a long X-axis stroke and large 2 300mm fixed table that provides excellent stability. Most importantly, the VTC-760C is a highly productive machine, powered by a 12 000 rpm 16kW (S6-25%) spindle and rapid traverse rates of 42m/min in the XYZ axes.

VTC-760C with Siemens control

A further machine being launched for the first time worldwide on the Mazak stand was the VCN-530C, a UK-built vertical machining center powered by a high-speed 18 000 rpm milling spindle. The high-speed spindle package includes ballscrew cooling on XYZ axes, which is complimented by Mazak’s Intelligent Thermal Shield to ensure stable machining accuracy. The machine reduces cycle times with high-speed feed-rates up to 42m/min, outstanding acceleration and deceleration capabilities and a rapid chip-to-chip time of 2.8 seconds. Excellent accessibility to the machining envelope is achieved with two wide-opening front doors and machine stability is ensured by durable linear roller guides on all the axes. The VCN-530C is equipped with SmoothG control.

During the exhibition, all VTC and VCN machines were connected live on the stand as part of Mazak’s newly unveiled Industry 4.0 infrastructure, the iSMART Factory concept, which was launched at EMO. This enabled the machines to display real-time working production information to visitors, evidencing how the technology can facilitate the sharing of manufacturing data between the production floor and management suite networks.

The Primos 400 SG

During the exhibition, Mazak gave a European debut to its new vertical center Primos 400 SG machine in the two-pallet changer format. Manufactured in Singapore, the Primos is a vertical machining center with a compact spindle taper designed for a wide range of machining operations, which makes it ideal for the general subcontracting market.

The Primos is a compact design for ease of operation and maintenance, including the use of a fixed structure table for the efficient removal of chips from the machining zone. It is equipped with a high speed, high precision compact 30 taper spindle, ideal for the handling of small parts in volume manufacturing operations.

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