LK Machinery drill/tap machines

L.K. Machinery’s TC 510 / TC 710 drill tap machines (vertical CNC machining / tapping centers) have a one-piece column and bed. The design is intended to eliminate any twisting during the milling process.

Along with the 3.7kW motor (5.5kW option), the TC 510 provides milling along with the drill tap feature. The front-mounted, above the spindle ATC is .5 seconds. “This is the fastest way to change tools,” said a company spokesperson. A double arm ATC (the TC 510D) is an option with 21 tools. Standard spindle (DDS spindle) speed is 12 000rpm with options.

Built to JIS standards, the repeatability of 0.00012 is the standard on all machines. The travels are among the largest in a BT-30 taper machine drill tap machine, the company said. X travel is 510mm, Y travel is 420mm and Z travel is 350mm. Table load capacity is 250 kilograms. Rapid rates are 48 / 48 / 48m/min. The table dimension is 650 by 420mm.

TC 710 drill tap machine has the same dimensions and specifications as the TC 510 except the X axis travel is 710mm and the table size is 850 by 420mm and it weighs 50 kilograms extra.

All the machines are being imported with the Siemens 828D control.

L.K. Machinery has been focusing on developing advanced products that cater to the machining needs of the auto, aerospace and medical prosthesis industries.

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