Leadwell TM-1500 multi-tasking box-way lathe

The Leadwell TM-1500 multi-tasking turning centers can process complex surfaces and geometrical features that require the various turning or milling operations in one machine.

The TM-1500 is equipped with a B-axis that allows the bevel angle drilling and cutting to be done easily. The special electro spindle, which reaches 12 000rpm and torque of 103Nm, ensures the machine’s excellent performance in both first mill and end mill machining. The Y-axis is designed as a perpendicular type that matches the moving column machine structure; hence the Y-axis can move fully without block and dead space for travel.


The maximum swing is 790mm, the maximum turning diameter is 780mm and the turning length is 1 500mm. XYZ travels are 730 + 40mm by 1 550mm by 200mm and the B-axis travel is 240mm. The TM-1500 comes with a 40-tool ATC storage capacity and the XYZ axis rapid traverses are 20/30/20 m/min. The spindle motor power is 30kW.

This is a multi-tasking machine that will mill, turn or do both simultaneously, and can achieve heavy cutting for the production job shop as well as curved surface milling used in the aerospace industry. Saving time and increasing productivity with the mill/turn technology has now become a keystone in manufacturing.

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