Leadwell BC-600 machining centre with B axis and built in rotary table – 5 axis at its best!

New to the Leadwell range, this machine is equipped with all the necessary options to deliver precision, high speed 5-axis machining. The machine comes as standard with linear scales and offers a full B axis and an integrated C axis table, providing complete flexibility.

The Leadwell BC-600 represents the latest and greatest in technology now available in 5-axis machining, this 5-axis machining centre not only offers a B axis rotary head but also an in-built rotary table for complete flexability to machine any work piece. The leadwell BC-600 uses a Heidenhain controller that is reknowned for being one of the preferable controllers for 5-axis machining. The advantage of this type of machine is that you can also use it as a normal 3-axis machining centre by not using the rotary table.


The features of the Leadwell BC-600 include a table size of 1280 x 610mm, direct drive design provides backlash free movement, 5-axis simultaneous machining, X axis travel of 1100mm, Y axis travel of 610mm, Z axis vertical travel of 610mm, Z axis horizontal travel of 790mm and an embedded removable rotary table of 600mm diameter.

The Leadwell BC-600 has rapid feed rates of 36/36/30 m/min, a spindle speed of 15,000 rpm, a spindle motor of 18.5 kW, programme storage up to 21 GB, a low backlash swivel head, B-axis with standard optical scale and tool storage of 40 tools.

The 5-axis simultaneous processing, can reduce the times of workpiece unloading and the requirement of the jigs, shorten the processing time and improve performance. C-axis table using the DD motor provides high torque and rigidity, and can solve the traditional worm gear backlash and worn problems. High torque and efficiency of spindle with a complete high-rigidity structure applied results in roughing to finishing can be completed on the same machine, suitable for machining hard materials and non-ferrous materials processing.

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