Laser welding with Alpha Laser

Improves surface finish and yields less rework.

Today’s small precision welding shops specialising in mould, die and tooling repair have a wide range of new technologies available to enhance their ability to provide the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and service to their clients. One of the fastest growing technologies is the use of laser welding

Laser welding benefits
With laser welding, the tool steel doesn’t have to be preheated because the heat input is so minute it doesn’t disrupt any of the surrounding area, that is, it doesn’t harden, soften or crack the area. In that respect it keeps distortion and weld sink down.


It makes the moulds look a lot better because minimal amount of weld and shrink is actually added to the areas (other welding methods cause shrink). There also is no heat affected zone because the laser doesn’t affect the surrounding area. Plus, there is no preheating and less rework. When the customer gets a laser job back, they save a ton of money because it was laser welded versus TIG or micro TIG welded where they would have to spend extra time taking weld off. In some cases this time can be cut in half.

The good controllability of laser energy even allows welding of materials with high melting points or high conductivity.

Other advantages over the usual welding techniques include Punctual energy input, exactly localised, even in very fine structures, very little or no work piece deformation, high mechanical strength of welded seams, slim and flat welding seams, with an oxide-free surface, contactless welding, without the effects of mechanical force on the work piece and excellent process control, ensuring a consistent manufacturing quality.


Alpha Laser GmbH in Puchheim near Munich, Germany is an owner-run, medium-sized, high-tech company which specialises in the development and manufacture of industrial laser-welding and laser-cutting machines. The lasers are used in industry and also by craftsmen, as well as in small-batch-production. They are used in various industrial sectors, for example tool and mould construction, die casting, manufacture of sensors, sheet-metal works, mechanical engineering, jewellery and dental technology. In particular the company has developed unique systems for mobile welding tasks.

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