Kitamura Mytrunnion 4G offers flexibility and speed

Designed specifically for manufacturers and subcontractors that demand the utmost in machining flexibility and the capability of processing precision complex parts, Kitamura has launched the Mytrunnion 4G.

This powerhouse 5-axis machining centre ensures the highest level of precision with unbeatable accuracy levels of +/-0.002mm and a repeatability of +/-0.001mm. For customers that require precision coupled with speed and rigidity for machining small to medium components, this unparalleled level of precision is achieved by hand-scraping of all major sub-assemblies, coupled with linear scale feedback on all axes.

The new Mytrunnion 4G from Kitamura has a maximum work-piece diameter of 500mm on its rotary trunnion table and 400mm work height in the Z-axis, with the ability to accept billets up to 200kg. This ultra-high precision, simultaneous 5-axis machine has a tilting table that rotates -120 to +30 degrees in the A axis, with a C-axis rotation of 360 degrees, both having a minimum indexing command of 0.001 degree.


The design of the Kitamura trunnion table delivers incomparable stiffness and rigidity that provides the ability to position the work-piece very close to the spindle for optimum machining performance. To carry most of the machining load it employs a trunnion type cylinder in the A-axis supported by double column bridge, with both sides of the cylinder system mounted squarely against the centre of the C-axis, thus offering a higher level of rigidity and accuracy. The Mytrunnion 4G uses a high precision roller gear cam mechanism in the 4th & 5th axes that further enhances the in-built zero-backlash capability of the machine.

This rigid machine design enables the powerful 15kW directly driven spindle, with a BT40 taper (HSK63 optional), to maximise material removal rates. With the world’s fastest accelerating spindle, the Mytrunnion 4G gets to a maximum speed of 15,000rpm in just 2.3 seconds. The machine comes with a 50 tool carousel as standard and the motor, spindle and tool change mechanism have all been designed to provide a performance level that exceeds competitive machines in its class.

The 9000kg machine has a compact 3.7M by 2.2M footprint that provides a compact powerful machine package, further enhanced by the efficient Kitamura Arumatik-Mi CNC control. This user friendly control system, driven by a high speed Mitsubishi processor and with its large 19 inch LCD screen, includes multi work setting displays, maintenance support functions, in-built diagnostics and video guidance, making the Arumatik-Mi the most innovative, feature rich and user friendly control unit available.

Coupled with engineering and applications support, this Kitamura machine / control combination is unique in that it provides the operator with a practical, user friendly work station. The super-fast and smooth data processing, quality of build and enhanced machine features all give the user the confidence of machining complex work-pieces in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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