Kitagawa launch three new products at EMO 2015

Specialist suppliers of rotary tables, power chucks, work grippers and more, Kitagawa launched three new products at EMO 2015.

Dual motor 4th Axis – DS250
With a turning speed of up to 1000 rpm, the Kitagawa DS250 provides a lathe that can be attached to your machining centre bed. This spindle speed is achieved with an additional servomotor connected by an original patented Kitagawa mechanism.


The DS250 still functions as a traditional fourth axis rotary table with an indexing speed of 25 rpm with 500Nm of static pneumatic clamping torque. This gives you the option for combined machining at the lowest initial cost when the DS250 is used on a three axis-machining centre. The DS250, when utilised alongside Kitagawa chucking and work-holding products, allows for many machining solutions to be realised.

TT200 rotary table
The TT200 Rotary Table is set to become the essential standard 5th axis to replace the Kitagawa TT182.


Boasting a high clamp torque thus ensuring the stability of your work piece, the compact design means that the TT200 can be installed on Type No.30 small machining centres whilst not restricting the stroke limit. It will also add an effective 5th axis to larger machines but due to its low profile design it will not effect other machining operations. The TT200 has the option for a rotary joint with five ports, with four being either for hydraulic or pneumatic use and one for pneumatic use only. This enables a large variety of work holding solutions to be fitted to the faceplate.

Upgrade your standard chuck – DLB08
Directly replaceable with the B200 series chucks, the DLB08 is an open centre dual lock chuck that eliminates work piece lift with a pull-back action to reduce unwanted distortion of fragile work pieces. The sealed body is designed for reduced maintenance, is suitable for automation, provides stable higher accuracy, uses the same jaws as a B200 series and has the same size through-hole.


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