Kennametal KBH10 – Mastering the challenges of hard turning

KBH10 is an uncoated PcBN turning insert that offers wear resistance and very low cutting forces. As a result, many customers are now enjoying double the tool life together with improved part quality.

KBH10, a new breed of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) hard turning insert designed specifically for the challenges of today’s demanding market place. Helmut Gremer, senior engineer for global machining technology, says the new insert complements Kennametal’s existing PcBN grades KBH20 and KB5630 by providing the extreme wear resistance needed to successfully turn hardened metals up to 65Rc, especially where very fine surface finishes are required.

The KBH10 substrate is completely new. Its PcBN composition is designed for up to 20 per cent higher cutting speeds while providing equivalent or in some cases far greater tool life. Kennametal engineers were frequently able to achieve Ra 0.2 and Rz 1 surface roughness, while consistently maintaining the profile and dimensional tolerances noted earlier. And because KBH10 is available in several different geometries and edge preparations, it’s quickly becoming the go-to insert for a wide cross section of manufacturers and their turning applications.

“KBH10 is ideally suited for fine-finishing operations yet is tough enough to handle light interruptions or varying depth of cut operations. And because cutting pressure and therefore heat is reduced, crater and flank wear are likewise reduced, extending tool life. There’s also a lower occurrence of the white layer that plagues many hard part machining operations,” says Gremer.

KBH10’s unique edge preparation
Rather than the traditional waterfall or radiused hone applied to virtually all PcBN cutting tools, Kennametal has developed a special shape that is both sharper and freer cutting than competing solutions yet still tough enough to withstand the rigors of hard turning.

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