KCSM40 is Kennametal’s new indexable milling grade

Kennametal has responded to requests for a new carbide grade to machine titanium 6Al4V at higher cutting speeds, rather than increasing feed rates or increasing depth of cuts that result in increased cutting forces on the workpiece, fixtures and machine spindles.

Called KCSM40, the company has taken the toughness of its most popular milling grades KC725M and X500, and increased the thermal crack resistance and wear resistance that will enable customers to machine at higher cutting speeds, without sacrificing that original toughness.

The grade has an advance cobalt binder that provides exceptional thermal fatigue resistance, without sacrificing the toughness customers have experienced with KC725M or X500. In addition, Kennametal’s proprietary AlTiN/TiN coating enhances the wear resistance at the cutting edge.

The target cutting speed for KCSM40 in Ti6Al4V was 53m/min at 327cm3/min 327 metal removal rate for 60 minutes. Not only does KCSM40 achieve this, but has also offered milling titanium at speeds up to 85m/min at a lower radial depth of cut.

Says “At higher radial engagements, the insert is cutting the material for longer time which creates more heat at the cutting zone. The heat will not go into the titanium chips, like when milling steels, so controlling the heat is critical. Lower cutter speeds at higher radial engagements is a good practice. At lower radial engagements, higher cutting speeds can be achieved,” said Scott Etling, director of global product management for Indexable Milling at Kennametal.

Recent internal testing with the new Harvi Ultra helical milling platform achieved over 100 minutes of tool life running at 47m/min with a 0.12mm/tooth chip load. The radial depth of cut was 25mm and the axial depth of cut was 76mm.

“The edge condition on the KCSM40 grade still looked great. And we are getting many other fantastic results. In one face-milling operation on a hardened steel wear plate, the number of passes was reduced from 234 to just 22,” said Etling.

For more information contact Kennametal South Africa on TEL: 011 748 9300 or visit www.kennametal.com