Kasto vertical semi-automatic band sawing machine

The Kasto vertical semi-automatic band sawing machine manufactured by the metal sawing specialist Kasto is an excellent solution for companies that focus on toolmaking, steel processing and special machining tasks. Its ability to make longitudinal cuts allows one to saw square or flat materials with different cross sections from small rolled blocks or rolled plates. The machine is also ideal for efficient cutting of test strips.

The Kasto vertical has a cutting depth of up to 680mm and a cutting height of 600mm. The maximum cutting length is 1 260mm. It can efficiently saw all commonly used materials, including those that are very hard to machine, at a high level of quality. Its robust welded structure ensures quiet operation and precision. The saw has a movable material support table with a height of 1 150mm, allowing fast and safe handling of bulky workpieces with weights of up to two tons. In contrast to conventional machines for making longitudinal cuts, which have stationary tables and a moving saw head, the Kasto vertical has a movable material support table.

Thanks to this special feature, users can position, align and anchor the material outside the machine’s working area, and these tasks can be done safely, easily and quickly. The table and its guide have a cast-iron structure to cope with the rough conditions encountered in everyday operation. Support rails with T-slots allow quick and secure clamping of workpieces, and they are suitable for a wide range of clamping and fastening devices. Linear guides with zero-play carriages guide the material support table on the machine bed. They are driven by a ball screw spindle with servomotor, which comes as standard.

The Kasto vertical has an amply dimensioned frequency-controlled saw band drive. The cutting speed and saw feed rate are infinitely variable. For this purpose the Kasto vertical is equipped with Kasto BasicControl, an intelligent controller with easy touchscreen operation. A swivel-mounted operating panel allows users to keep their eyes on the workpiece and saw blade from any position.

In addition, Kasto offers an extensive range of saw accessories. A wide range of measuring stops is available for aligning blocks and plates. The simplest version is a manually adjustable clamp-on measuring stop. For longer materials there is also a stop bar which extends the entire length of the table and can be adjusted by means of a hand wheel with a digital display. Alternatively, this stop can be moved by means of an electric motor.

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