Jet Edge’s gantry system supports 12 waterjet cutting heads for high throughput

Jet Edge’s high-rail-gantry waterjet motion system is designed for use in high-production industrial waterjet shops that require performance, precision and accuracy. This waterjet system supports as many as 12 cutting heads for maximum throughput, enabling shops to process jobs faster and take in more work. It is available in sizes ranging from 1 200 x 1 200mm to 7 300 x 4 200mm. The machine features a 300 or 455mm Z axis and an extra 75 mm of travel can be added with an optional sub-Z assembly.


According to Jet Edge, the gantry system provides ±0.0254mm linear positional accuracy (over 305mm) per axis, ±0.0254mm repeatability (bi-directional) and 0.01mm maximum backlash. A stress-relieved, steel-fabricated frame provides high rigidity, and coupled with rigid, honeycombed steel beams, enables stable and fast operation. Moving elements are supported on THK linear ways. Precision ballscrews are directly coupled to servomotors.

Mechanical components along the X and Y axes are protected from the abrasive jet environment by a lip seal system. This system uses brushes, labyrinth passages, lip seals, and high-volume, low-pressure filtered air to protect critical motion components, providing longer service life compared to conventional bellows arrangements. The system’s overhead design enables full access to the work envelope and raises critical components out of the waterjet process environment.

The high-rail-gantry system features Jet Edge’s fully-networkable Aquavision Di controller, which guides the user from job setup to production, including single parts, mirroring, rotation, plate alignment and part arrays.

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