Isotropic super-finishing service now available in South Africa

You may not have heard of Isotropic super-finishing, CASF super-finishing or micro-polishing.
The process of super-finishing is used in applications such as Formula One, V8 Supercars, wind turbine transmissions, helicopter transmissions and any area where it is desirable to reduce friction and heat, and increase efficiency and service life. Comatra has developed specialised chemicals and processes over the past decade in order to offer this service in South Africa.

Isotropic Super-finishing
Isotropic Super-finishing is used to produce a high quality surface finish to components, typically used on parts where high contact stresses are present. The improvements in surface finish gained by super-finishing can reduce wear and stress concentrations, and improve overall finish whilst extending component life. Wherever metals come into contact with each other contact stresses and friction occur. Both these conditions regulate and reduce the performance and compromise the design of the component. Super-finishing is a means of regaining those losses by producing a superfine finish where it is most needed – at the point of contact.


The benefits are greatest with high contact stress applications and high fatigue life requirements. It is particularly beneficial in mating gear applications where it is proven to reduce contact stresses but also to reduce individual tooth bending, which is key to maintaining good fatigue life with a resultant reduced operating temperature. Whilst it is known that reduced operating temperatures are an indication of increased performance, the secondary benefit is that there is less heat to dissipate and as such the specific cooling cross-section or cooling flow rate can be reduced, all of which complement efficiency and performance.


Several performance component manufacturers are sending their products to Comatra as a final finishing process. Some of them offer it to their customers as an add-on, and others build the cost into the components’ selling price. Typical items processed include automotive gears, motorcycle gears, crown wheel and pinions, camshafts, oil pump internals, steering rack and pinion, and crankshafts. Not only does the Isotropic Super-finishing process significantly reduce wear in parts such as the ones listed above, but it also enhances the durability and efficiency of your metal components, resulting in cost savings and added value to your parts and your operational budget.

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