Iscar’s Helido 800 makes short work of steel and cast iron face milling

Iscar has expanded its popular Helido 800 line by introducing effective new face mills SOF45-R18 with 45° cutting edge angles.

Intended for machining mainly steel and cast iron components at high metal removal rates, the new face mill family offers users an extremely cost-effective tool for productive milling across a range of cutting conditions.


The versatile face mills can carry in the same pocket either the S845 SNMU 18 square, double-sided insert with eight cutting edges or the ONMU 07 octagonal, double-sided insert with 16 cutting edges.

S845 SNMU 18 insert features

• Square double-sided insert
• Eight helical right hand cutting edges for machining up to 8mm D.O.C.
• Strong and durable construction, positive rake face, resulting in low power consumption and smooth cutting

ONMU 07 insert features

• Octagonal double-sided insert
• Six cutting edges for machining up to 5mm D.O.C.
• Outstanding durability
• A wide wiper for high surface finish
• Great economy regarding price per cutting edge

The inserts are produced from the Sumo Tec carbide grades. They are secured in their pockets by angled screws that provide rigid and highly reliable clamping. The mills are available in a wide-diameter range 50 to 315mm.

The advanced tool design that combines a strong insert structure, a durable cutter body, secure mounting and progressive Sumo Tec carbide grades, provides the customer with an innovative solution for 45° face milling operations.

SOF45-R18 milling cutter features

• Versatile face mills carrying inserts with eight cutting edges for up to 8mm D.O.C. or inserts with 16 cutting edges for 5mm D.O.C.
• Advanced cutting geometry that reduces cutting forces, and by extension power consumption, resulting in smooth cutting
• Well-secured inserts by means of angled screws
• Coarse and fine pitch configurations of the tools
• Coolant holes (in up to 125mm cutters), directed to each cutting edge, for efficient cooling
• Highly economical solution regarding price per cutting edge
• Excellent performance under various machining conditions and interrupted cutting
• Productivity – high metal removal rates
• High process reliability

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