Iscar’s economical and accurate threading operations

Cost down – production up.

The global metalworking industry is constantly searching for ways to further upgrade its automated production processes. All machining disciplines are included in this quest for ever improved performance, including the area of thread generation. To help engineers achieve the required increases in output and enhancements in the quality, Iscar now offers three innovative methods for highly productive, economical and accurate threading operations.

Products of the company’s prolific R&D Department, Iscar’s advanced new threading tools provide users with highly efficient solutions that boost production, raise quality and provide substantial cost reduction benefits.


Iscar’s new Deca IQ Thread

Iscar’s new Deca IQ Thread delivers the most economical, currently available, price per threading corner. As the new product’s name implies, the tangentially clamped threading inserts feature 10 cutting edges – i.e. a 16mm round insert with 5 double-sided corners, providing a total of 10 cutting edges. This newly developed geometry delivers by far the most economical price per threading corner when compared to the popular 3 cornered threading laydown insert. Iscar provides thread profile sizes as follows:

• TTG-16E-ISO – ISO – Metric
• TTG-16E-UN – UN – Unified thread
• TTG-16E-A55 – Partial 55° profile
• TTG-16E-A60 – 60° profile

The new Deca-IQ-Thread line was developed according to an advanced technological procedure, providing a very precise geometry and accurate edge location repeatability when corner indexing.

The new inserts are made from the versatile grade IC908. Intensive field trials and test reports indicate that the inserts also provide much extended tool life when compared to similar products.


The new inserts are made from the versatile grade IC908

The robust tools that carry the advanced new inserts feature coolant channels that are designed to deliver effective standard and high-pressure coolant. Four corner indexing can be performed by only a partial opening of the clamping screw, resulting in a short and easy indexing action, providing a very efficient and time saving operation.

When the requirement is for threading operations at very high parameters, the new, highly productive Penta IQ Threading line combines the benefits of a very rigid clamping system and a strong, five edged insert design. The new full profile inserts are available in the following thread standards: ISO, UN, Whitworth and BSPT. Partial profile inserts are available in 60º (MT) and 55º (WT) profiles.


The Penta IQ Threading line

The multi-corner, five cutting edged insert provides a very advantageous price per cutting edge. Pentacut threading inserts offer a combination of a very rigid clamping system and a strong insert design. These inserts can be used for threading between walls and close to the tail stock of the machining center, enabling a complete part production in bar feeder machines. Pentacut’s unique chipformers produce short and easily exposed chips and result in excellent accuracy and surface quality of the part. In addition, the ability to perform easy and fast indexing from either side of the holder enables inserts to be changed quickly in case of breakage. Also, the inserts can be rotated on their axis to enable operation to be continued with another cutting corner.


The Penta IQ Threading line

The new inserts are produced from the very versatile PVD coated grade IC908 and can be mounted on standard Penta 24 tools.

Cut-Grip TIP inserts with a flat top rake (without a chipbreaker) are precision ground for a 60° (MT) thread profile.

The TIP inserts were designed for efficient machining threads on short chipping materials, such as brass and cast iron. The use of flat top rake inserts on these materials results in improved surface quality and less chatter, when compared to the use of inserts with chipbreakers. As a result, cutting speeds can be increased and further efficiencies gained.


Cut-Grip TIP inserts

The TIP inserts are available in partial profiles such as MT – metric threads 60° and WT – Whitworth threads 55°. The TIP full profile inserts include ISO, UN, BSW, NPT and BSPT standards. The new TIP inserts can be clamped in Iscar’s existing standard toolholders, and the tolerance range and repeatability of the cutting edge is ±0.025mm.

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