Iscar Trideep gundrills and deep drilling heads carrying inserts with three edges

Iscar has introduced innovative new gundrills and deep drilling heads, in the 16 to 28mm diameter range and in 10, 15 and 25 drilling length to diameter ratios that carry three cutting edged TOGT indexable inserts with chip splitters.


The TOGT inserts feature a positive rake chipbreaker and a wiper to ensure high hole surface quality and high feed. The new inserts, made from IC90, a versatile PVD coated grade, are available in five sizes.

Based on the new TOGT inserts, Iscar/Unitac introduced the following new deep drilling lines:

• BTA heads extend the lower drilling diameter capability to 16mm
• DSD-EF-FT – Deep single tube drills with external four start thread connection
• DDD-EF-FT – Deep double tube drills with external four start thread. Drills in 18.4 to 28 mm diameters are also available by special order.
• DSD-IF-FT – Deep single tube drills with internal single start thread
• GD-DH – Gundrills for machining centres and gundrill machines. Longer gundrills in the diameter range of 16 to 28mm diameters can be supplied with up to 2400mm length on request.

Advantages include deep drills with a three cutting edged insert (other manufacturers only offer inserts with one or two cutting edges), highly accurate peripherally ground insert providing high hole diameter accuracy of IT10, produces narrow chips for efficient chip evacuation, enabling higher feed rates compared to other currently available drills, an insert wiper provides extra fine surface finish, direct insert mounting so no adjustment is needed for accurate hole diameter, and the drills carry a new economical solid carbide or brazed guide pads.

Main potential industries for deep drills include the die and mould, automotive, oil and gas and the power generation sectors.

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