Iscar ‘in-the-groove’ with a parting gift for efficient machining

Iscar’s progressive policy of unceasing product enhancement is reflected in the recently launched additions to Iscar’s comprehensive Grip range of parting and grooving tools, and now provides one of the most comprehensive range of products for all parting and grooving situations. Included in the range is an extensive choice of insert geometries, chip breakers and carbide grades.

Tang-Grip- A unique tangential single-ended insert with a revolutionary clamping method
Iscar’s Tang-Grip is a high quality, single-ended insert that was developed to enable highly efficient parting. A revolutionary, secure clamping method using a tangentially orientated pocket provides pocket life three times that of any other conventional self-grip system. Tang-Grip’s robust clamping method enables machining at high feed rates and provides excellent straightness and surface finish characteristics.

Iscar’s latest Tang-Grip innovation is the introduction of cost effective blades. Tang-Grip flat top economical blades now feature four pockets compared to the previous version that had two pockets, whilst the integral shank tools feature two pockets compared to its predecessor that had a single pocket.



By doubling the number of insert pockets, when compared with other tools and blades, the advanced new shank tools and blades deliver the cost-effective advantage of half the price per pocket.

The new Iscar Tang-Grip blades and tools are extremely rigid and are capable of bearing heavy tooth loads (high feeds). They resist lateral loads and deliver excellent surface straightness. The 35mm blades, that are 30mm longer than any other standard blades, can be used for deep grooving and parting applications.

Due to Tang-Grip’s beneficial flat top configuration, no chip obstructions are encountered under all possible machining conditions.

Covering all parting and grooving applications, the Tang-Grip range of inserts is available with a wide variety of chipformers, with both neutral and angular frontal cutting edges. The extensive range comprises blades and inserts in 1.4-12.7mm widths in IC5400, IC830, IC808, Sumotec grades and includes an easy to use clamping and extracting device.

The Tang-Grip blades feature an engraved ruler to assist in overhang adjustment and are supplied in standard sizes that fit Iscar’s blocks.

Penta-IQ-Grip – A 5-star pentagonal parting and grooving insert for up to 20mm depth of cut
Following the successful introduction of the Penta 24 and Penta 34 inserts, Iscar has introduced the latest evolution of the Penta family Penta- IQ-Grip.

As the Penta prefix suggests, Iscar’s advanced new parting insert boasts five cutting edges. Penta-IQ-Grip inserts, available in 2 and 3mm widths, are ideal for parting up to a 40mm part diameter or up to a 20mm depth of cut.


An innovative dovetail wedge clamping system ensures very stable Penta-IQ-Grip insert clamping, secure edge indexing and rapid insert replacement. In addition, the robust structure enables the application of high machining parameters, resulting in much reduced cutting time.

As well as delivering significant performance advantages, Penta-IQ-Grip provides excellent straightness and surface finish characteristics in parting applications.

Penta-IQ-Grip assures prolonged insert tool life, at least double that of single, double or triple ended parting inserts. Penta-IQ-grip inserts are available in three sizes for parting: D22 (up to 22mm part dia), D32 (up to 32mm part dia), and D40 (up to 40mm part dia). D22 and D32mm sizes can also be used on Swiss-type and small CNC machine tools.

All inserts feature C- and J-type chipformers to accommodate a wide variety of machining and material applications. Penta-IQ-Grip is produced from grade IC808G, a hard, fine grain substrate with excellent chipping resistance, whilst a TiAlN PVD coating provides impressive wear resistance.

Do-Grip – The one and only double-sided twisted parting insert with no depth of cut limitation
In addition to highly efficient parting inserts in single and double-ended conventional configurations, Iscar offers a unique double-ended twisted geometry for unlimited depth of penetration. The Do-Grip range also includes the largest choice of parting widths available in today’s market, covering all application ranges. Iscar offers a wide variety of chipformers and advanced grades to ensure unbeatable performance and extended tool life.

Jet HP – A cool answer to a hot problem!
In grooving and parting operations, applying high-pressure coolant provides excellent chip breaking results on all materials. On exotic alloys such as Inconel and titanium, it is usually impossible to break the chips with standard external coolant pressure. High-pressure coolant reduces or even eliminates built-up edge phenomenon, especially when machining stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

Jet-Cut, part of the Jet HP family, is Iscar’s Do-Grip parting insert that features an internal coolant channel that passes through the insert. This advantageous arrangement ensures that the insert’s body is internally cooled while also delivering an efficient coolant jet close to the cutting edge.



Materials such as titanium, Inconel, or austenitic stainless steel tend to harden during the cutting process and to form long and tangled chips. The delivery of coolant to the cutting zone by the use of Jet-Cut Do-Grip parting inserts improves chip formation and slashes flank and cratering rates.

A common problem encountered when using conventional cooling in grooving and parting applications is that the chips can prevent the coolant from reaching the cutting edge, thus reducing the insert’s life. Jet-Cut DGNC inserts enable the efficient delivery of high levels of coolant contributing substantially to prolonged tool life.

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