Iscar expands the ChamIQdrill family

Prompted by global customer demand Iscar has expanded its popular ChamIQdrill line with the addition of products in the drilling range of 33 to 40mm with 1.5 to 8 length to diameter ratios.

HFP-IQ drilling heads are now available in the drilling range of 33 to 40mm diameters in 0.5mm increments. A unique self-centering geometry enables the HFP-IQ drills to be used at up to 5xD long overhang without the need for a pilot hole operation.

Produced from grade IC908, a PVD coated fine submicron grain substrate, the HFP-IQ drills’ single-type geometry is suitable for ISO P/K materials. Available in 1.5, 3, 5 and 8 diameter to length ratio in 1mm increments, the range’s innovative pocket design eliminates the need for an open/flexible construction, which may weaken the tool. This enables a high number of drilling head indexes on each tool.


The drills’ bodies are produced from highly durable steel, whilst a special stopper prevents the drilling head from being extracted upwards from the pocket. Long stoppers provide high resistance to cutting forces, enabling applications under very high cutting conditions. The drill heads’ robust structure with concave cutting edge design enables drilling at high feed rates, providing very accurate IT8–IT9 hole tolerances.

High flute helix and polished flute surfaces provide a smooth and easy chip evacuation process. In addition, an internal coolant supply provides efficient cooling and lubrication throughout drilling processes.

ChamIQdrill is suitable for interrupted cut applications, it enables large diameter drilling in demanding cutting conditions and represents the best design for long overhang drilling without the use of a pilot hole at up to 5xD.

The range represents a practical replacement for semi-effective large diameter drills when machine power is sufficient, whilst the system’s unique cutting edge inserts provide excellent performance and increased productivity when drilling on inclined and round surfaces.

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