Iscar drilling heads provide enhanced self-centering capability

By popular demand, Iscar has expanded their successful SumoCham drilling head options. The revolutionary Iscar HCP drilling heads feature an innovative geometry with concave cutting edges that substantially enhances the self-centering capability of the drill, enabling the use of long drills of up to 12 x diameter without first drilling a pilot hole.


Iscar’s advanced drilling heads are available in diameters from 8 – 25.9 mm, in 0.1 mm increments. By eliminating the need for a pilot hole, the new drilling heads significantly cut machining cycle times and provide substantial cost reduction by reducing the number of tools required when performing drilling operations.

The new HCP drilling heads can be mounted on any Iscar SumoCham drill body that features the appropriate pocket size.


As a single drilling head can now replace two other types and reduce the number of stock items, Iscar HCP geometry (patent pending) in an excellent, cost effective choice for the efficient machining of steel (ISO-P) and cast iron (ISO-K) material groups.

The high quality HCP drilling heads are made from Iscar’s IC908 TiAlN PVD nano layer coating grade and feature:

• Increased peeling resistance
• Excellent wear resistance
• Stable and predictable wear progression
• Efficiency with MQL coolant
• High surface quality

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