In machine CNC marking tools – Tapmatic TapWriter

Mark it while you make it – Eliminate secondary operations.

Tapmatic has introduced an exciting new product. The TapWriter allows you to mark your workpiece while you are machining it, without the need for a secondary marking operation. Part numbers, serial numbers, date codes, and even logos, can easily be created with this unique dot-marking tool.

The TapWriter is easily installed on machining centers or CNC lathes with live tooling. It utilises standard engraving software, but unlike engraving, dot-peen marking does not require the use of delicate cutting tools and high-speed spindles.

You can mark soft plastics or steel as hard as 55 RC. The durable carbide stylus is thrown against the work piece that allows the marking of uneven or round surfaces.

The TapWriter is fast. Up to 80 characters per minute or more just depending on the capabilities of your machine. Dot peen marking is widely used in the aerospace industry because the cross section of the dot has gentle curves, resulting in no significant stress concentration.

With the TapWriter you have complete control of the mark. The revolutions per minute determine the dots per minute, and the velocity of the carbide stylus when it impacts the work piece. The feed rate controls the distance between dots allowing you to select the appearance of discrete dots or a continuous line.

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