Hurco’s 5-axis machining centre VCX600i

The new Hurco VCX600i vertical-spindle, 5-axis machining centre, a travelling-column model, has a 600mm diameter rotary table mounted on a swivelling trunnion, a configuration popular amongst users as it allows components to be machined on five sides in a single set-up. An octagonal support for the table means that clamps can be positioned clear of the surface, ensuring that the full area is available to accommodate workpieces weighing up to 350 kilograms.


The integral, ± 110 degree B-axis trunnion offers generous Z-axis clearance and unrivalled undercutting capability. Together with a 16 kW / 12,000 rpm / 109 Nm direct-drive spindle, 30 m/min rapids and a 40-station magazine for BT40 tools, the machine is suited to applications across the whole manufacturing industry but is especially applicable to motorsport and aerospace.

The manufacturer’s proprietary WinMAX control includes patented Ultimotion software, which ensures smooth, high-speed contouring of 3D surfaces. Machining accuracy and effective vibration damping are promoted by wide linear roller guideways and a base frame made from the concrete and steel composite, Hydropol.

Axis travels are X: 750 mm, Y: 550 mm, Z: 500 mm, glass scales ensuring high precision positional feedback to the control. Similarly, absolute angle encoders provide feedback from the rotary axes. The table is of robust construction and can be supported on the non-driven side by a counter bearing, the load on which can be transmitted through to the floor to allow heavy milling to high accuracy. The doors, which open on two sides of the working area, simplify access for automation systems.

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